why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


19. new years eve/day

Taylor's point of view

*buzz buzz* my phone went off, I looked at the time, 9:00 am, 1 new message, so I picked up my phone and opened the message, it was Louise, 'hey babe want to go on a stroll later around 11pm? xxxxxxx' 'hey, yea sure, see ya later then :) x' I text back, why couldnt I just dump her, 'ok babe cya later xxxxxxx' she put back, we havent had our first kiss, I havent even had my first kiss at all, I dont want it with her, if she tries it, ill say no.

11pm came, I was really worried, she told me to meet her near KFC, she didnt know it but it was near mine ,so I did, 11:01pm and she showed up, we started walking and talking about random things, "so hows your family" she asked, "fine and yours" I replied, "there fine" suddenly she stopped, "whats up" I asked, "can I have a kiss" she asked, "im sorry this is moving to fast, we havnt even hugged proper yet, Im sorry, can we just stick to talking" I said, "awww ok" she said, at 11:45 pm we started walking back to KFC, I know she was planning to kiss me at midnight, coz she had her thinking face on and her evil eyes to, at 11:50pm we was KFC, we was talking for a bit, the clock struck 11:55 pm, then 11:59 pm, everyone in the street was counting down the seconds, suddenly when the clock struck midnight, Louise leaned in for the kiss and then Lux came out of no - where, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" she shouted and gave me a peck on the cheek, I smiled, I gave her one back, suddenly Summer, Lily, Lucas and Yasmin appeared out of no - where, thank heavens, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" I yelled, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" everyone yelled back.

Louise checked her phone and her phone was ringing, she was on there for a minute and then said "I gotta go now" Louise said, "bye" she added while smiling "bye" everyone replied, she had gone we started walking round and I said, "thank you so much everyone", "why" Lux asked, "coz she was about to kiss me" I replied, "she's your girlfriend" Lily spoke up "yea maybe but I dont want her kiss" I replied, "no but you want Lily's" Lux teased, Lily and I scowled at her, "what, its true" she grinned, "anyway I havent had my first kiss and I didnt want her be it" I replied changing the subect, "do you even like her" Summer spoke up, "I do, but more as a friend" I replied, everyone gasped, "so why are you going out with her" Lucas asked, "coz, my dad told me a story when how he was rejected and dumped he felt awful, i didnt want to do the same for her" I replied, they all awwwed, "you have to find someway to get her to go off you" Summer said, "you may not have to look....." she said pointing in a direction, everyone gasped............

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