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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


4. meeting some of my form

still Lily's point of view

so I got a girl now just needed to hunt the boy down, oh no that means looking at my form, Im so nervous, snap out of it Lily, I told myself "so shuffle around and ask one another" Mrs Nottingham spoke up, I went straight to Taylor, "what have you got" I asked him, "I have mouse, so I have to find cheese" he said, "damn" I said "why what have you got Lil's" "I have a girl so I have to find the boy" I said just as I had said that a voice perked up "did you say you have girl" the voice said, I turned around and saw this guy, he had dark spikey hair and brown chocolate eyes, he was quite cute "yes" I said shyly, "oh good, I have found my partner then" he smiled warmingly, i smiled bakc "I guess we gotta sit down now right" he asked "yea I think so" I said, "bye Taylor" "bye Lil's" he called, I looked back and smiled, he gave me a funny look, I knew he knew I thought the guy was cute, he smirked, so me and the boy sat down at a table near the back.

"ar you two a pair then" Mrs Nottingham asked, we nodded "lets have a look" so we showed her our card, "yes well done, so here's a piece of paper each, ask them questions thats on the sheet and fill in the answers" she said pointing at the paper, we nodded, and she went, "so whos starting" he asked, "you can if you want" I said smiling, he smiled back, "ok,whats your name" he asked, "my name is Lily Jade Tomlinson" I said, "whats you" "nice name, and mine is Jack Austin Mayer" he spoke "thanks and thats a nice name to" I said, "when's your birthday" he asked "1st February, and yours" I asked back "21st December"

we asked questions like "how many brothers or sister's do you have and what's there names" and I replied "I have a brother called Lucas who's 9 what about you" "a sister called Robyn whos 6 and a brother Tito who's 16" he replied "what's your mum and dad's name" he asked, oh uh, I thought, I hope he don't know who they are, who am I kidding even haters know who they are "uh, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder" I said hesitantly, "wow cool, your dad has the same name as Louis from One Direction" he said "haha" I said gripping my teeth "whats yours" I swiftly moved on "my mum's called Anna Jones and my dad's called Jordan Davies" so i wrote them down "whats your likes and dislikes" he asked "my likes are singing,music, family and friends, and my dislikes are bullying and spiders" I replied "and yours" "my likes are swimming, family and friends" he replied, we smiled at each other, " and last questions whats your favourite food, drink and colour" he asked "favourie food, Yorkshire pudding, favourite drink yorkshire tea and favourite colour blue, what about you" "favourite food pizza, favourite drink chocolate milk, and favourite colour is blue to" we laughed and smiled.

it was scilence for a bit as we had finished but then he spoke up "you look like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction are you sure he's not related" he giggled, my face went shy, and then he stopped laughing and looked, "oh my word your dad is Louis Tomlinson" he whispered, I nodded, "oh my, whats it like" he asked "it's alright, the only thing is, is that, some of my previous friends just saw me as his daughter and only was my friend because they loved the band, this is why im so shy, I don't think people will like me for me, I think they'll like me for my dad" I said, he looked shocked and looked sympathetic, "I dont" he whispered "I like you for you, let me tell you a secret to, but you have to promise you wont tell and I wont tell yours" he whispered, "i promise" I smiled, "im gay" "really, I wouldn't think it" I replied, i was shocked, and to be honest disapointed haha

"awwww, your secrets safe with me" I said "you mean you don't mind" he asked "no, of course not, your sweet and nice, when people are like that, I don't care, all I want is someone whos nice, kind and funny to be a friend" he smiled, "hey guys" a voice came from behind "hey Taylor" I said, he opened his arms for a hug, we always did this, were best friends, "hey Lil's" he replied, "are you two, well you know" Jack asked "haha, no, were best friends" Taylor replied, "yes" I agreed, "awww cute" Jack said "hey taylor this is Jack, he's a lovely guy, Jack this is Taylor" "Hi" they both said in unison, "everyone take a seat nxt to the person you were paired with" the teacher called

so we all did, "now were all going to go round each person and you have to tell the class your partner's full name and date of birth, nothing else" she continued  "lets start with you " she pointed at a girl at the front "her name is Sally Jones and her birthday is 7th January" she said "next" the teacher said "her name is Debbie Samson and her birthday's christmas day, 25th December" Sally said, then the teacher went to everyone around the class, "his name is Sam Dillon and his birthday is 3rd July" "her name is Lucy Peters and her birthday is 5th May" and then it got to Taylor and his partner "her name is Louise Naylor and her birthday is 6th October" "and his name is Taylor Payne and his birthday is 6th August" there was gasps of excitement and girl turned around to him and said "you have the same last name and the same birth month as Liam Payne from One Direction" he laughed it off, "moving on" Mrs Nottinham said, phew, I thought 

"next" "his name is Jack Mayer and his birthday is 21st December" I said "and her name is Lily Tomlinson and her birthday is 1st February" again there was gasps of excitement, the same girl turned around "now you have the same last name as Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and the same birthday as Harry Styles from One Direction, what's going on" the girl asked suspiciously, I turned to Jack, and looked at his worriedly, then i looked at Taylor he shook his head "nothing" I replied to her, "right guys and girls I will now give you your timetables" Mrs Nottingham said to us, then she turned back around, phew again.

is anyone reading this, just a question :)

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