why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


32. kiss, maybe?

Taylor's point of view

I decided that tonight was the night I was going to tell her, well, since that everytime I try to say it my tongue gets tied the words get trapped and someone usually interupts, I decided to show her, "close your eyes" I asked, she looked at me confused and but then did as I said, so I leaned in for the kiss, I then went closer and closer, eventually our lips touched, and I pulled away she opened her eyes and looked at me surprised, just for one second my heart thumped harder than ever, and my stomach turned, it was amazing, even just for one second, after the shocked looked she smiled, I smiled back.

we looked at each other for a bit, each second we got closer, eventually we was about a CM away, I took one last breath and then closed the gap between us and our lips touched again, she then did the unexpected and deepened the kiss, I looked at her shocked, our lips still locked, but then joined in, after a few minutes we parted, "Taylor I......" she started, then the typical happened, "Lily were going love" her mum yelled, we sighed, she started to walk away, turning back to look at me one last time, "sorry" she mimed and with that she left.

I slowly strolled in the club, everything had been packed up, my mum had gone home " Taylor" my dad smiled, "hey dad" I said, "you ready to go" he asked, "yea ok" I said and with that we left, we got in and saw my mum was up feeding Codie, "hows two out of three of my favourite boys" my mum smiled, "were great" I said to my mum with a smile, obviously a fake smile, I know I should be happy, but she may not have felt something, her mum interupted what she wss going to say, I bet she was going to say I only like you as a friend.

we all went to bed, I tried to go to bed but all i could think about was the kiss, I realised I had it bad for her, why me? all I could think about was her, and the kiss, I weighed out all the things and my conclusion is not to talk to her abpout the kiss until she says something, Im just too scared to say anything, and plus I bet she didnt even like it and was just about to say that she didnt like it, it was on my mind all day until I finally was able to get to sleep, obviously thinking of her.

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