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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


74. its prom night part 1

Still Taylor's point view

so a week went passed and its prom night and my mum and dad are helping me get everything sorted, Lily and I never spoke about the kiss just a week ago, I couldn't get it out of my mind though, I knew I still had feelings for Lily, but how do I tell her, what do I do, do I leave it coz she wont like me back, i don't know, im so confused.

"awwww my little baby's growing up, I remember when you we're 5 and you said I want that suit whenever we passed the prom shop, and now, your in one" my mum sobbed, I chuckled and my dad went to her side, he put an arm round her to comfort her, she turned around and buried her head in his chest, once she had stopped crying, my dad came over to me and hugged me, "go get em son, your really growning up now, you look as handsome as me" he chuckled, "naah im kidding, im so proud of you, I love you son" he smiled, "thanks dad, love you to" I replied back.

Zayn came round, he look me up and down, "you brush up well kid, im glad you took up some tips from me with the little brown quiff there" Zayn chuckled, I laughed, "Zayn, I learn from the best" I winked, Zayn and I started laughing, "right here's a comb if you need it, and some gel" he said handing me some gel and a comb, I laughed, "thank you Zayn" I smiled, he nodded, he stayed for a while then he was seeing Lily so he hugged me, wished me luck then he went, then in came Niall, "Taylor, dont you look distinguished" Niall smiled, "thanks Niall" I giggled, he hugged me, "why do they all have to grow up so fast, next thing you know, Codie will be next" he giggled, "no hold on there mate, not so quick, he's only 3" my dad called out which made Niall and me burst out lauging, he then wanted to go see Lily, I bet she looked so beautiful, Niall hugged me then he went.

soon in came Harry, oh god he had a bpook with him, whats he want now I laighed to myself, "Taylor, buddy, my dont you look good, that would make even Zayn jealous" he laughed, which makde me laugh, "thanks Haz, what you gunna do with that book" I asked curiously, I really shouldn't have, "ok then, so here is a book on how do flirt and get the girls at prom" he replied, "your kidding right" I gave him a questioning look, "no,it tells you here, look" he said openening the book, dad please stop him, I just want one girl, "look, he's how to strut as you walk in look...." he started but my dad interupted, "Harry, I dont think he wants to know how to flirt, plus I bet he knows anyway" my dad smiled, "awww but Liam" Harry moaned, I laughed at how petty they we're both being.

"guys its prom, I aint gunna be doing any flirting, im gunna be talking, dancing and having fun" I smiled innocently, "aww, thats my boy" my dad pulled me in for a hug, after we parted Harry did the same, I laughed and hugged back, "your going to have a great time" Harry smiled, "thanks Harry" I smiled back, he hugged me one last time and went, he was seeing Lily to, Lux, Lou and Tom came round to, Lou was touching me up one last time before we went Lux was observing her doing it, she wants to be a stylist like Lou, and Tom was with my mum and dad.

then Louis came round once Lou, Lux and Tom had one to do Lily's make up, "well my my my you look so handsome, and Lily looks beautiful, wat a perfect match, you should really tell her how you feel" Louis urged, "Louis, what are you talking about" I asked, "cmon Louis, its obvious, you like her still and she likes you, just go out" he sighed, i laughed, "Louis is that all you cam for" I laughed trying to change the subject, "yes, haha no jokes, you look amazing, your going to have a great time" he smiled and pulled me into a hug, One Direction love to hug if you havent notice. "thanks Louis" I smiled, he stayed and talked for a bit.

"oh look at the time, 6:00 pm, time to go now" Louis stated, he gave me one last hug and went, the limo was oing to be outside for 6:05 pm and get to the venue at 6:30 on the dot, when the prom night starts, so we gathered all my stuff, I hugged Codie and kissed him goodbye, I kissed and hugged my mum and dad, they we're both crying so they didnt come to the door, i said on elast goodbye and went out the door, there stood all my friends, Jenna in her shortish yellow dress with straight blonde hair, Jack in his grey suit and black tie, Jessica in her dark red flowy dress and really curly back hair, Tyler in his black suit and grey tie, Lizzy in her pinks frilly dress with straight black hair and Lily, beautiful Lily, she had a light blue dress on, that flowed all down to the floor, make up on, and wavy brown hair, she was perfect. "we going then" Tyler screamed, "yeahhh" we all screached and started piling in the limo

hey guys im really sorry I havent updated in ages, ive been busy, homework, college work, some personal matters and also my llaptop broke I have a new one now though so really big sorry, this book is nearly finished now :( awww Im gunna miss it, but I will be making a new one, I wont be able to stop making movellas now after the old ones finish, hehe, but anyway I hope you like this chapter :)

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