why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


17. I hid

Lily's point of view

he wound me up, he's been putting her first before his family and friends, "who are you, your not the Taylor I used to know" I said, those words just flew out, I started to cry, I ran into another room, I didnt know where it was, and to be honest I didnt care, I ran out of that room and into another one, I just wanted to be alone, ever since Taylor's been with her, he's changed, and not for the best, "Lily" I heard a yell, I hid behind a snooker table, "lily" I heard again, it was my mum, I wiped my tears away, "Lily, I just wanted to see if you were ok, you ran off in a hurry" she said, she came in the same room as me suddenly i heard another voice, "Lottie, whats up with Lily" my mum  asked, "her and taylor had an arguement, thats all" she said, "Lily" Lottie yelled, I wasnt comng out anytime soon.

eventually after 10 minutes of talking my mum left the room, Lottie didnt though, I was just about to cave and get up when Taylor came in, "have you found her yet" he asked, "what do you care" she said coldly, "I do care, she's my best friend" he replied, "some friend, choosing your girlfriend over your best friend" she coldly said again, "Im sorry, I dont know what else can I say, it wont happen again" he said apologetically, "it had better not, coz i dont want my neice feeling sad again over her friend" Lottie said, "do you even like you current girlfriend, have you even told your mum and dad about her" she asked, "I do like her, and no I havent, im going to tonight, tomorrow, maybe next week, I dont know, whenever the right time is" he replied, "oh, well have fun" Lottie smirked, "thanks" Taylor said sarcastically, "I am really sorry Lottie" he added, "it dont matter now, all that matters is we have to find Lily, now are going to help me or now" she said, "yea, Im with you there" he replied, and with that they left, I sighed of relief, tears started to flow again, I missed my best friend

after an hour, I had stopped, and slowly got up, I went round the back of the club so they wouldnt know I was in here, so I went round the corner outside, and saw Louise and Taylor talking, I went back round the corner as quick as I could so I could here the conversation "Louise, what are you doing here" Taylor asked, "I wanted to see you babe" she replied, "this is a family and close friends party" he said, "but im your girlfriend she said wrapping her arms round her his neck, yuk I thought, "yes, but its louis' birthday and he dont know you" he replied, "but babe" she said but he cut her off, "no buts, you need to leave, you cant be here" he said raising his voice but only a little, "but" she tried to say, "no buts" he said with a stern face "awwww, can we talk" she said, "I cant, Lily's missing and its all my fault now I have to go" she said un wrapping her arms from his neck, "who cares" she said, "I care" he said, "Taylor where are you" Lucas yelled, "here Lucas" he replied, and Lucas came running to him , "ooo whos the girl" he joked, "no one, whats up" he asked

"my mum wants a word with you" Lucas said, "ok" and then he turned to Louise and said "now I have to go, cya" he said, "bye" and she walked away and with that Lucas and Taylor went inside the club, I walked round the corner and went through the doors, I needed the toilet so I went their first, no one was in the so I went and came out, I had just opened the door and then heard my mum and dad  talking "where is she, Im so worred" my mum said paniking, I then saw them both, my dad was hugging her "shhhh dear, we'll find her" he said as she started sobbing, that moment I slowly opened the door more and went out the toilets, "Lily" they yelled.with happiness, "mum, dad" I said gving them a hug, "is that were you was all this time" my mum asked, "yea" I lied, "of course, why didnt we check here" my mum said, luckily they didnt check here, "come on, im just so glad your safe" my dad said hugging me again, "I love you mum, I love you dad" I said to them "we love you to love" my dad said, so we went into the actual club, Lottie, Fizzy, Taylor and the twins turned around and shouted "Lily" they came over to me and gave me a group hug

"im so sorry" Taylor spoke up after our group hug, "its alright" I lied again, it wasnt, I still missed him, "he wont hurt you again, and if he does, he'll have me to deal with" Fizzy spoke up, "us to" the twins said in unison we all laughed, we all sat down at a table with Summer, Yasmin, Lucas, Lux and Darcy, "now that everyones with us, we are going to do karaoke, and first up is, me" Harry announced, we all started laughing, he was drunk, he sang 'Free falling by John Mayer' after he sung that, "thank you Harry, next on is Louis and Eleanor" the DJ announced, they looked at each other in shock, "who put us on the list" my mum asked, everyone laughed, and Niall put his hand up, they growled at each other, and then went to the stage, they were singing 'dont go breaking my heart' a few people went up after that,

"and the last ones to go up before the karaoke is .... Lily and Taylor" the DJ announced,me and Taylor looked at each other in surprised, "who did this" I asked, laughing, "maybe me" Lux said, "should have known" Taylor spoke up we all laughed and we got up on the stage, "you are singing, you belong with me by taylor swift" I scowled at Lux, she smiled a develish smile, so we started singing, in the middle of the song we loosened up and had fun, "thank you you two" the DJ said, as the rest of them screamed and woooed

after the club had shut we all went home, "what did you think of today dad" i asked, "great, except when you went missing, but it was great" he said, i apologised and we got in at around 11 pm, "christmas tomorrow" Lucas yelled, "wooo, santa will be coming" I said, "wooooo" we yelled, so we went straight to be

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