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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


14. A month later - friday

Taylor's point of view

it soon got to Friday  "weekend soon wooo" I said excitedly to Lily, "wooo cant wait" she said excitedly back,  so Louis dropped us of at school "thanks Louis" I said, "no problem Taylor" he smiled, so we got in form,Lily went and sat down and so did I, Louise and I had become closer, "hey Taylor" she smiled, "hey Louise" I smiled back, "today we are going to be working in pairs throughout the day, you don't have to pair up with the person sat next to you, but everyone find a pair, "Lily over here" I called, she looked up, smiled put her index finger up to say 1 minute, she talked to Jack, Jenna went to Jack and Lily came over, Louise got up and Lily sat next to me, Louise looked around and saw some kid on their own so she went over to them. I liked Louise but Lily was my best friend, always has been since we could talk.

so me and Lily was working together we all had to create a poster of our form and the best one will get put up, all the glitter, glue, colours,pipe cleaners pom pom,  and everything that was creative was at the front so everyone had to keep going to and fro, "we need glitter and colours" Lily said, "why dont you get the colours and ill get the glitter" I asked, "ok" so we both went to the front we was side by side, all of a sudden I felt a nudge in between me and Lily "hi Taylor what are you getting" I looked and saw Louise, "im getting glitter, what about you" I asked confused, "sequins" she replied, "oh cool" I said smiling

Louise's point of view

awwww Taylor was so handsome, when he chose Lily over me, my heart sank, I had to get away of pushing them apart, I admit it, I was jealous, I saw Lily and Taylor getting up together, I told Zak, my partner i was going to get some sequins, he nodded and i went to the front, I was going to do anything to pull them apart, so I pushed in between them and started to talk to Taylor, "awwww you two look so cute" I looked up, and saw a girl, I think her name is Sam "who to" I asked, hoping she would say me and Taylor, "not you Lily and Taylor" she said, anger burned inside me, Taylor and lily looked at each other shrugged and went back to what they were doing, "are you two going out" she asked,"no" Taylor giggled "do you like each other" she added, she was really annoying me now, Taylor and Lily went bright red, they paused, "no not in that way" Jack interrupted, phew I though one of them was going to say yeah, at least they dont like each other

Lily's point of view

last night I couldn't sleep well last night, I was thinking what Lux said a few weeks ago , was I really Jealous of Louise, "do you like each other" Sam's voice interrupted my thoughts, I froze, do I really like him, what do I say, I looked at Taylor he froze to, "no, not in that way" Jack interrupted  phew, thank you Jack, I thought, "oh, awww you should really go out, your so cute" she said, we smiled at her, "got the glitters" Taylor said, smiling "ok" I smiled back so he sat back down, I got the rest of the colours and I sat back down and we started talking as normal, at dinner me and Taylor went to walk around, we was walking through the yard when Louise just appeared out of no - where "hey guys whatcha doing" she asked, "oh just walking" I replied, "oh, could I join you" she said, "yea course" I said smiling, so of course Louise was talking to Taylor, I was walking not saying anything, I felt a pat on my back.

I turned around, "Lux" I yelled excitedly, Taylor and Louise turned around to, "Lux" Taylor yelled, I hugged her and so did Taylor "what are you here" I asked, "I've moved schools" she replied smiling, "why" Taylor asked, "my mum, dad and I have moved house, opposite your infact" she said with glee "really" I said excitedly, "yeah" she replied, i hugged her and she hugged back, "whos this" Louise asked politely, "my name is Lux, im there friend" she introduced with a smile, "nice to meet you" Louise smiled, "same to you" Lux said, so Taylor and Louise continued to talk, and so did me and Lux

at the end of the day Taylor had detention for forgetting his homework in maths, "get Lux and can you wait for me" Taylor said before I went out the classroom, "yea of course" I said smiling, "thanks" he replied,  so I went to Lux's form, she came out and i explained about Taylor's detention and we walked to his maths class room,

Louise's point of view

I had to get my PE kit from my locker in my form room so I was late out, I was just going to walk out when I heard talking, I peered round the corner and saw Lily and that Lux girl, I know I  shouldn't but I wanted to so I was listening,  "Lux, i need help, i think I like Taylor but I don't know" Lily said, what she likes my Taylor, that's it, this needs to end, so I listened until Taylor came out and they went I went the other way, I saw them, and shouted them back

Lily's point of view

Louise shouted us back, "what you doing in school this late" Taylor asked, "I had to get my PE from form in my locker" she smiled, "Taylor can I tell you something" Taylor looked confused and sad, "yea, what is it" "well..... ive sort of like you for a bit now, would you go out with me" my heart dropped and started to beat a million miles an hour, my stomach turned and i had butterflies in the pit of my stomach, I looked at Taylor, Taylor looked at me and looked back and said........

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