why me? (finished)

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  • Published: 21 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 27 Apr 2013
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Hi, im Lily Jade Tomlinson, daughter of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Eleanor Calder (my name isn't Lily or Jade, just so you know im not basing the story on me) born 1st February (yea I wasn't born then either) and this is my story on, how I cope being the daughter of someone famous, how I get through tough challenges (e.g bullying), how I encounter Love, and how much family and friends mean to me, so enjoy the story :)


27. 8 months later - August

Taylor's point of view

why did I get myself involved with her, why did I fall for her so called innocence, why me? all them questions roamed through my head, all I want to do is fight for the people I love, all I want to do is protect them, for the past year all Louise has done is make our lives hell, everytime I went somewhere in school she would be there, everytime I go for walks or go on shopping trips with Lily after school, shes there, she has only a couple of friends and they are on her side so they try to make our lives hell to, David realised how wrong he had been and he dumped her a month after Lily punched Louise, and thats another thing, I still havent told Lily, by now I have realised, everyone may think this cant happen at my age but it can, I love Lily, my best friend from the start, but somehow I cant perk up the courage to tell her. my mum and dad knows, well they know I like her.

Darcy and Lucas has just started to go out they are now 11 and in high school, Summer and Yasmin are even going out with someone, Lux has still got her boyfriend, but yet I still cant manage to bring myself to tell her, I have my mum and dads shyness, they are both shy, well before you get to know them. we still get fans screaming at us and our dads whenever we visit places, us kids even get asked for photographs and autographs, we dont mind we all have our own twitters and everything and we do interact with fans and follow them to, my mum and Ruby have gone big, only one month to go, everything has changed so much in a just a few months.

it was my dads birthday, "come on Taylor are you not going to tell her" my mum said impatiently, "I cant im afraid that it will ruin our friendship" I replied, "but if your friendships that strong enough it wont, and what if she likes you back, you missing out" my mum explained, I sighed, "this is why I wish i hadnt told you" I complained, "son, theres a reason you told me, you need my help so I say go get her, before someone else does" she replied, "true, but..." she cut me off, "but nothing, if you dont tell her, youll only ever be friends" she said and walked away, Lily and i was going to the recording studio with our dads, for work experience things. Lily knocked on the door, "hey you ready" she said excitedly, "yeaah buddy" I said, "damn ive been hanging around Niall to much" I joked, Lily laughed, aww she has such a cute laugh.

Louis took us, my dad and the others were already there, "hey there guys hope you have a great day here" Zayn greeted us with a smile, a hug, and a kiss for Lily, they all welcomed us, the Simon Cowell was there to, "hey guys" he said "hello sir" Lily stuttered, "hey sir" I said, everyone laughed, "please, call me Simon, only people who dont or wont know me that well does that, and you will get to know me" Simon chuckled, and so the work experience began, all day we was helping and listening to our dads recording.

finally the day ended, it was great we said goodbye to Simon, whos a big softy at heart, and our dads brought us home "so how was your day" my dad asked us, "great" me and Lily said at the same time, we laughed, "do you want to go on a walk" I asked Lily, "I would but remember the last walk we had" she said, "yes, but its like 10 am she wont be out by now" I replied, "ok then" she said smiling, and she went in her house to ask her mum and dad, "mum, dad im going for a walk with Lily" I said, "ok, take your phone though just in case and be back before midnight" my dad said, as soon as he said that Lily came, "they said yes but I have to be back before midnight" Lily said, "same, so lets go" I smiled, "yes wooo" she said excitedly and with that we left.

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