Me and Niall

There is a new girl named Courtney and she just moved over to the high school over the summer and she made no friends over the summer and she meets a boy named Niall and they get to know each other and u have to read to know the rest :P


2. Summer Break for Me and the Boys

Niall's POV.

"WAKE UPP" I say to Harry

"what what 10 minutes mum...." Harry said and fell back asleep

"Harry I'm not your mum"

"Oh Niall I can't make you food I'm sick" *fake cough* *fake cough*

"I went to Nandos before I came to wake you"

"Oh well go bug Louis"

"No he left to hang with Eleanor"

"Ok then what do u want"

"It's summer break I want to go swimming"

"Ok ok letme put on my trunks"

"YAY" I said like a little kid

"Don't get your hopes up I could fall asleep in the water"

Laughs "whatever I'm gonna make u pancakes"

"Oh-no" Harry says under his breath

"I heard youuu" I yelled
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