Falling Slowly

Asher realizes that all her life she's been in love with the same person, Niall Horan. He's famous, always going places, meeting new people, but when Asher tells him that he's the one, their lives change. Asher and Niall are soul mates and they'll love every little thing about each other.


3. A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words


“Asher, Asher, wake up.” Niall whispered, shaking me a little bit. I opened my eyes from a dark sleep. My eyes focused on the brick fireplace in front of me, pictures of Niall and Greg were placed on the red brick awning. I yawned, stretched and got up from Niall’s lap.

“Hi.” I started, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep last night.”

“It’s fine.” Niall told me.

I felt really awkward so I got up from the couch, “Uh, I should probably go.”

“Ok. Do you want breakfast or anything?”

“You’ve done enough. I’ll just go home to my mum’s and get some there. Thanks though.”

Niall looked as if he wanted to say more, but I ran upstairs and got my bags. I looked gross, my hair was a mess and my face was smeared with make up and tears.


I grabbed some clothes out of my bags and walked into his bathroom. I placed my phone on the toilet tank and pressed play, letting Florence + The Machine’s album play. I turned the hot water on and jumped into the shower.


“The stars, the moon,

They have all been blown out,

You left me in the dark,


No dawn, no day,

I'm always in this twilight,

In the shadow of your heart,”


            I sang out to no one in particular. My hair stuck to my back as the hot water rushed down. I groaned as the water mended the knots in my neck. The song ended, the sound of water echoed in the shower. I shut the water off, rung out my hair and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and just stood there for a minute.

            The door opened and Niall walked in, he saw me looked at me for a second before shielding his eyes, “Shit. Sorry.”

            “Oh my god.” I yelped.

            Niall stepped quickly out of the bathroom, laughing. I giggled as he apologized from the other side of the door. Niall walked down the hallway laughing at what had just happened. I quickly put my clothes and make up on and rushed out of the bathroom.

I knocked on Niall’s bedroom door before coming in, just to be safe. He sat on his bed as I wrapped the straps of my bags around my shoulders. Niall got up and walked me outside and into the driveway. My green ‘Bug’ sat parked, waiting for me to drive it somewhere.

“So,” Niall began.

“So,” I echoed, “I’ll see ya?”

“Yeah, tomorrow, over dinner.”

I didn’t even have to ask where we were going, “See you there at 7.”

“Sounds bueno.”

Niall hugged me goodbye and walked back into the house. I watched as he went inside before getting into my car and driving down eight blocks. I though of what had happened last night and how amazing it was to tell him those three words. I turned the corner and arrived at my mum’s house. I hadn’t spoken to her in… two years.




I accidently walked in on Asher changing. The water droplets streaming down her tan skin, made her look like a goddess. Now that we both knew that we were in love, it only made things more awkward between us. I invited her out to dinner; I was going to make it perfect.

After Asher left, I took off downtown to the local pub. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer since it was closed for the morning. The sky began to cloud up before the rain came down in slow drops. Alec, the owner’s son opened the door.

“Hey Alec.” I said.

“Aye mate, what’re you doing here?” Alec asked me.

“Hoping I could make a reservation for tomorrow night, up stairs.”

Alec grinned, “Up stairs? Who’s the lucky lady mate?”

“Asher.” I told him.

His jaw dropped, “Asher Florence?”

I smiled at her name.

“Man, oh man. That’ll be interesting.”

I ignored his comment and made the reservations. Alec showed me the up stairs, which I had never actually bee to since it was for couples only. I wasn’t sure if the first date between two 17 year olds was qualified as a sincere couple. It seemed as though ever since the boys and I got third place on the X Factor and really started working hard, the people in Mullingar treated me so much better. I was still Niall Horan; I was just… more, well known.

I drove back home to my mum’s house. Mum was out grocery shopping so I was all alone at home. On the third shelf next to the fireplace was where mum kept all of the old photo albums. There was one of my teenage years, starting at age 14, that’s the year Asher and I became friends.

Asher wore grey sweat pants and a ‘Kings of Leon’ t-shirt. I wore football sweat pants and a plain white shirt. We sat on a bench with Greg and his friend James. We were all laughing at something Greg had said. I remembered the day clearly.


“Imagine if Greg could dance, I bet he’d be a backup dancer for Alan Carr.” James yelled out.

Asher and I looked at Greg, perfectly imagining him doing that. Mum was taking pictures of us as our dad sat awkwardly next to her. I ignored them and laughed as James said more jokes trying to get us to wet our pants.

Greg and James walked off after about 15 minutes so Asher and I took off as well, down to the creek. We awkwardly shuffled in the mud, getting closer to the water. I stopped at the bridge and looked down at the rushing water. Asher watched me closely before looking down herself.

“You know Henry?” She asked me.

“Yeah why?”

“No reason.” She shrugged.

“What do you like him or something?” I asked her.

She laughed, “Are you serious? He likes me, you already know who I like.”

That was true, I knew exactly whom she liked; she had a huge crush on Greg, my older brother.

“Who do you like?” Asher asked me.

I shrugged.

She looked at me in the eyes, “Oh, Holly right?”

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Asher pulled back, blushing and looking down at the water. After a few minutes, we walked back to my parents who were talking about the schedule for the next month.


I’ll never forget that day. Maybe I kissed other girls, but they never felt like the kiss Asher and I shared. And the kiss last night brought back the spark; the weird part was that it was stronger than the first one.

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