Falling Slowly

Asher realizes that all her life she's been in love with the same person, Niall Horan. He's famous, always going places, meeting new people, but when Asher tells him that he's the one, their lives change. Asher and Niall are soul mates and they'll love every little thing about each other.


1. I Love You

When I looked into his eyes, that’s when it hurt the most. Knowing that we weren’t an option anymore. I walked into the living room to find Jake, sitting shirtless on the couch drinking a beer.

“I’m leaving.” I squeaked.

He looked up at me, “’Kay, get me some more beers on the way back.”

“No, Jake, I’m leaving.”


I rolled my eyes, “Jake, I’m leaving you. I’m moving out and I’m not coming back for you.”

Jake got up off of the couch, crumbs from the chips he was eating, rolling off his abs. He ran his big hands through his black hair and looked at me with a smirk spread on his lips.

“C’mon babe, why don’t you just come back to bed with me.” Jake cooed, wrapping his tan, muscular arms around my waist.

He was tempting me, “No Jake, get off me.” I warned him.

Jake touched me; trying to make me come with him, “Stop.”


I shoved him off of my skin and grabbed my bags off of the floor. I took a quick sniff of his cologne before running out the door. Jake was yelling after me as I got into my ‘Bug’. I pulled my dark blonde hair up into a ponytail and drove off.

Leafs fell from the trees as I sped down the empty streets. It was December 20, five days until Christmas. Houses were lit up, in the dark cold night. It was about 10 o’clock at night, I yawned, reminding myself of how tired I was.

For some reason, wet tears were rushing down my cheeks. I didn’t love Jake anymore; I didn’t have feelings for him. I slapped the steering wheel with my hands, screaming about how angry I was.

I turned on Raithin Road, down toward Niall’s house. I always went to him to clear my mind. Luckily he wasn’t on tour right now, he was with his family for Christmas. Mascara ran down in globs under my dark blue eyes. I pulled into the driveway, but their cars weren’t there. Shit.


Knock knock.


I waited for someone to answer the door, even though I thought no one was home. There were footsteps and then the doorknob began to move around. Niall looked at me through the doorway, taking in my mess. He looked into my eyes for a few minutes, before letting me in.

Niall walked into the kitchen and got some tea and cookies that his mum had made earlier. We walked up to his bedroom and sat down on the carpet. I began to cry and shake. Niall comforted me by rubbing my back and telling me that everything was going to be ok.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” Niall offered.

I looked at him and curled up into a ball in his arms, “I don’t love him anymore Niall. So I left.

That only made him confused, “Then why are you crying?”

I laughed, “I have no idea. Maybe it just scares me that I did that all by myself.”

I looked up at Niall. His hands were comfortably rested on my back, my chin fit in the nook of his collarbone. I knew why I had left Jake. It wasn’t just because he was an asshole to me, but it was because I was in love with someone else.

I leaned back, away from Niall. He took my hands in his and looked at me, making my heart pound even faster than it already was. When you’re in love with someone, your pupils dilate. Niall’s pupils were dilated and I could see in the reflection from his eyes, that mine were too

“I love you.” I whispered.

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