and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


4. why would you do that?

harrys p.o.v. 
while nikki went to the bathroom i raced down so ask gemma what she thought. "well?" i finally said, "harry, i really like her, i think you guys are a perfect match, like a puzzle piece." i smiled at her "i think shes the one." " me too." i gave her a hug. nikki came back down, we all ate dinner and watched a movie and then me and nikki went home. "they really like you." i said "yay!" i looked at the road. i could feel her eyes hot on my skin. then i felt them look away. i stole a glance at her and her boobs. ive never donethat with her before but they were huge, onto my list of turnons. she folded her arms ontop of them. dinggg, i got a text from louis. 
Louis;)xox: what you two up to today?
me: dont you mean tonight? were driving homemfrom my mums 
Louis;)xox: oh ok.. how about tomorrow? 
me: ill ask. 
"no texting and driving. i cant risk having you hurt. " nikki snapped she yanked the phone out of my hands. i swerved just to scare her. "HARRY!" she playfully slapped me. i pulled over. "harry whats wrong?" she said sweetly. "i just.. nikki?" "yes babe?" she looked worried. "i think i love you." i was looking down, like i was ashamed, i looked up into her eyes. "really?" she smiled. "yes." she pulled my chin closer to hers and kissed me. "i love you too harry." she whispered into my ear. we drove home. when the lights turned red i would lean over and sing into her ear. she fell asleep, the ride was really long. "harry! harry!" she moaned in her sleep. i just chuckled. "harryyyy! fasterrrr!" i chuckled agian. i mustve been doing a horrible job because she was so whiny. "oh baby." she screamed. she rolled over in her chair a bit. we finally got home. she was still asleep. "HARRY!" she screamed. i got out and shut the door. i walked over to her side, scooped her out and carried her to my " harry?" she asked sleepily. "yes love." "was i just sleeping.. or.. " "you were sleeping." i chuckled. i put her down. i kissed her on the cheek. "was i talking in my sleep?" she asked sweetly  "are you wet?" she gasped and ran to the bathroom. i just sat there thinking about her.  her perfect hair, teeth, clothes, body, personality. she came back blushing. "i dont remember what happened, but you did a good job." she said winking at me dinggg i looked down at my pocket, it was louis. "hey babe whats up." i said into the phone, nikki laughed. "you never got back to me and i was worried love. haha." i heard elenor laughing in the back. "well its only 8.. wanna come to my flat?" "sure babe! be there in 10!" louis hung up. "well louis is coming in 10 minutes." i chuckled. "babe im getting tired, but ill stay up with you guys."

nikkis p.o.v. 
i was actually really tired, i didnt want him to think that i didnt want them there cause he'd proberly make them leave. "babes? why arent you and louis so close anymore?" i sat down besides him. "i dont know actually, we used to be besties at the xfator house." he looked down, then he looked at me. louis and elenor walked in. "oh i am so sorry! are we disturbing something? we will leave. lets go lou-" "no no no no! you disturbed nothing." i said as i stood up. "well you guys wanna go to the club?" louis asked us. "lou? babe? do you honestly think ill go in this?" "yeah lets go!" harry said, elenor gave him a look. i wonder if thats why they arent so close. "come hun i got some clothes for you." i said to el. she smiled. "thanks hun!" "lou were getting changed." "can i come?" louis asked her. "no babe. ill see you later." we walked into my room and into the walk in closet harry gave to me. i pulled one out. it was tight, mid theigh, with black and grey sequins. it was strapless and had a sweetheart neckline. "i love that. give it here. now." el said, i handed it to her her eyes lit up. "now let me pick for you!" she twirled her finger around like a magic wand and she took out a dark purple tight dress that went up to my mid theighs there was one arm missing but it was supposed to look that way, there were silver sparkles spirnkled all over it. it was beautiful.. but i wonder where i got it from. we both got changed. i straigtened my hair and el did too but she criped random parts. she put on smokey eye make up and she looked absolutely stunning. i just put on some stila lip glaze, lancome eye shadow and eyeliner. "no no no." el said while looking at me. she reached into her 'magic bag' amd pulled out make up wipes and she took all my make up off. she reapplied. i gasped. i looked beautiful. i had some blush to make me look like im blushing, a little liquid liner on the top and bottom of me eye, and nude lips. "am i good or am i good?" "your amazing!" i gave her a hug. we went into the living room. louis and harry's mouths wre wide open. "you look beautiful.." harry said to me grabbing my waist pulling me closer to him. "babe, you look stunning." louis was looking at her up and down and she just walked past him quickly. he looked at her ass and followed like a duckling and its mom. me and harry walked hand to hand to the car. we got to the club. tons of girls swarmed harry and louis. me and el just got drinks. "sex on the beach lux." i called. "same." she snapped. she placed 12 euros on the counter. me and el kept on ordering drinks. we got so drunk it was crazy, then we got up and started dancing. 

elenors p.o.v.
nikki was like my bestfriend. we were SO drunk. i tried to look for louis and harry but nikki was dragging me onto the dance floor. we got to the middle and started dancing. it felt like hours. "wheres harry?" nikki screamed. just then a man turned nikki around and started kissing her. harry came up behind her, she was struggling to get him off. harry ripped the man off of her and punched him in the face. the man tried to fight back but harry punched him in the gut. "were leaving." he said to nikki. louis and i followed. the car ride was really awkward. there was no talking at all.. not even moving. it felt like time stood still as the car was the only thing in extistence. i shifted my body weight and louis shot me a look. i heard nikki wimper and i rubbed my hand on her back to soothe her. Harry stopped at Nandos. "anyone hungry?" no one answered. "well i am." he mumbled. "love do you want anything?" he said to nikki she shook her head. why was harry pretending like there was nothing wrong? i texted louis, but first i gestured for him to turn his volume on gis phone down. he did. 
me: why is harry pretending like nothing happened?
louis<3: idk but it was pretty serious.. they both seem upset.. im getting the vibe from harry. ;)
he looked over at me and winked. Harry came back with a bag of food. " i got you guys something if you get hungry.." he started the car and drove. awkward fell over us agian. time stopped and the smell of food vanished. then time gradually rebuilt itself. "come on el get out." louis said. "oh im sorry." i got out of the car and walked into louis and i's estate. 

nikkis p.o.v.
i got out of the car and plumped down in the front seat. "harry?" "yes babe?" he kept his eyes on the road. "why are you acting like the club never happened?" "because nikki.. youve kissed many boys before.. your beautiful, and i trust that you love me. so its all good in my book." he put one let on my theigh. then i fell asleep.

harrys p.o.v. 
she fell asleep. she was an angel. her face, her hair, her body. i loved her.. 
we got home. i carried her upstairs. i sat down next to her body, i wonder what shes dreaming about right now. i wonder if shes dreaming about me. then she jolted up. "harry? are you going on tour?" i stepped back. woah. could she read my mind. "honey, are you okay?" "yeah, el told me that you were going on tour earlier today and i didnt want you to goand i was dreaming about you and i remembered and i forced myself awake. "yes, i am going, but i didnt want to tell you yet." "but your going tomorrow.. why would that?" with that i walked away. 

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