and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


2. why are you always in my house? *WARNING DIRTY.*

~three days later~
harrys p.o.v.
"why are you always in my house?" nikki asked while she was cuddleing inside my arms. "cause i dont want you to feel lonely of sad." i smiled at her and pecked her lips. we were obvesely dating but we werent actually dating. i never asked her yet. "do you want to come meet my family today? i have nothing to do. no interviews, no concerts, nothing." she looked at me confused "why would i meet your family? haha. were not even dating yet." "well let me change that." i slowley stood up. "nikki megan babbino, will you go out with me?" i grabbed a rose from the table and handed it to her. "finally." she grabbed my shirt and passionately kissed me. i was shocked. she never did this before, but i liked it. she pushed me away. then she grabbed the collar of my shirt and yanked it behind her to the bed room. she pushed me onto the bed. she litterly popped the buttons off my shirt. i was sitting there speechless. "i want you now harry." she whispered into my ear. i got a boner. she smiled seduciviy. she turned around. sitting on my stomach. she un zipped my jeans while i unbuttoned her dress. she was really horney cause she took off my pants and chucked them across the room in a minuete. she was sitting there unpatientically as i unbuttoned it. "fuck this." i ripped the dress off her and she turned around. "hold up bad boy.", i laughed she pulled the dress over her head and threw it across the room. "your paying for that to be fixed." she stuck her tounge in my mouth without warning. she put her hands on my sides then she brought then to my pecks, then she brought them to my stomach and i moaned into her mouth. shit she found my soft spot. the stood me up and pushed me agianst the wall. her fingers were tangeled in my hair i moaned agian. CONTROL YOURSELF HARRY. her fingers slid dwon to my cheeks, then to my neck, then to my sholders, then to my stomach, then to my boxer line. she pulled them down and started kissing down to my jawline, then to my neck then to my sholders, then to my stomach and then shes giving me a blowjob. i yelped with delight. she was amazing. my knees almost got wobbily, and she swallowed. i pushed her back onto the bed. i kissed her jawline, then her neck. i un strapped her lace pushup bra that i brought her and i threw it across the room. i kept on going down. i gave a kiss to both her boobs. i went down and down and down. giving a kiss to everything i saw and past. she moaned loudly. i moved it around. she moaned agian, louder. i put in another one, she moaned louder than ever before. i moved both of them "HARRY!" she screamed with delight. i took my fingers out and licked them she laughed. i walked over to a my pants and took out a silver package. "do you really want to?" "yes." she quickly replied. 
nikkis p.o.v.
i was ready to have sex with harry. i ripped the package open with my teeth. i slid the condom onto his dick. he moaned. he got on top of me he put his hand under my back, holding me up. "are you ready?" he said "HARRY GET IT IN." he put his dick inside of me we both moaned. he yelped. he was going fast and rough. but not fast enough. "HARRY FASTER!" i screamed. he went faster. it felt so good. he continued.

Louis p.o.v. 
i went to harry's house cause i was bored and el was at work. he wasnt there. there was a light on in nikkis house so i thought they would be in there. the door was unlocked so i just went in. the living room was a mess.the couch slid agianst the wooden floor and the coffee table was moved out of the way. there was a path of destruction leading to a bedroom. "AH!" i opened the door to see the room. it looked like a tornado just hit it. then i saw it. harry's hand under nikki's bare back holding her un while he was inside of her. harry was staring at me. "harry?" she asked. she opened her eyes and saw me she pushed harry off of her and put the closest blanket over her which was on the floor. " I- um uh im really sorry i didnt know!" "GET THE FUCK OUT." harry screamed. i shut the door. what the fuck. harry must be extremely into her if he got that mad when i walked in on him having sex. i walked out of the house and looked back o
at it when i got into the car. i really liked nikki. i think she could be the one for harry.. hes never acted this way before. 

harrys p.o.v. 
"so wanna get back to where we left off?" "nah.. im going to take a shower" she said. she took a towel and walked to the door. just before she closed it i called her name. "yeah" "can i come in with you? "thought youd never ask." she pointed her finger at me and bent it gesturing for me to come over to her. i grabbed a towel and off we were. off to the shower. she was giggling the whole way there. we both got into the shower. i turned on the water and she shut the door. she got back in. i started massaging her with her body soap.. sensual amber was being sexual now too. she turned around and pushed me agianst the wall. she slid her tounge into my mouth agian, and i slid mine into hers. her hands were on my stomach while mine were on her bum. my dick was pressing agianst her theigh and i felt like i was going to get a boner. boom. i just did. she got dont on her knees and gave me another blowjob she traced the tip with her tounge. it felt so good. ive never even felt this way before. it was different, good different. once she swallowed i pulled her up and put myself inside her. she was moaning, and i dont thing she could stop. "HARRY!" she screamed agian. i heard a phone ring but i didnt care. the only thing i cared about doing right now was nikki. "dont we have to go to see your family?" i was sucking on her neck while she was talking. i could tell that she was trying extremely hard not to moan. "they can wait." " no they cant! " she playfully slapped my peck. i got another boner. "if i take care of that can we both go get dressed and then we leave?" "whatever you want to do.. we will do it." i smiled. she knelt down and took care of me. i really liked her. i really really liked her.
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