and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


11. what

harrys p.o.v.
nikki was still in the hospital but she was getting better, she was allowed to have visitors today. i went into her room, 645.
"hey babe." 
"hi." she looked up from her magazine.
"how are you?"
"fine now, they said it was an allergic reaction."
"i know, do you want me to go to the market adn get you something?" 
" yeah gummies!" 
"what.. why not?" 
"cause your allergic to pig fat."
"harry, what are you even saying?" 
"you. are. allergic. to. pig. fat." 
"how would you even know that?"
"oh.. dont get me gummies.." 
i laughed and pecked her lips,
"i have to go. text me." 
"ok babe, love you." 
"love you too." 
then i walked out and shut the door. i texted the boys
me: boys, harry is off the market, for good.
louis: you proposed!
me: yeah:)
niall: you proposed?
me: yeah got a problem?
liam: guys stop 
louis: stop 
zayn: shutup guys im trying to sleep.
me: zayn, its 3 in the afternoon.
zayn: so..
i decided to go home cause i didnt want to go to the markets. my doorbell rang, i walked to the door and opened it. niall was there, he looked drunk. 
"hey mate, come in."
"no! you stole nikki from me! and you hurt her! and you stole her!" he screamed
"mate calm down, come in." 
niall punched me in the face.
"OW." niall started crying, we both collasped. 
"i love her harry!" he continued yelling
"and you stole her!"
"niall, we love eachother.." 
"no harry! no!" he got up and picked me up, he punched me in the face agian and agian and agian. i could feel the blood come out of my nose and mouth and my eyes blackening. i pushed niall off the porch.
"niall!" he was still. 
"niall!" he stayed still. i walked up to him. he grabbed my leg pulling me down.
"listen to me. the one love, you took. everythings about you styles. grow a dick and stop making problems. everythings your fault. i hate you and the band will breakup and you will hurt nikki and youll ruin everything! nikki came over and talked to me she said she left america cause this happened! and now its starting over agian! because of you!" niall got up and spit on me (irish disrespect thing?) and called someone, he went into nikkis house. 15 min later liam was outside nikkis house, picking up niall? did he know what happened?

nialls p.o.v.
i got into liams car, i felt like i was still drunk, i sunk into the warm leather seats and cried
"whats wrong lad?" liam asked
"Liam, i did something bad." he looked at me when we were in a red light
"two things, i fell in love and i brawled with harry." 
"bloody god niall! is harry hurt? and with who?"
"yes and nikki." the light changed but liam didnt move.
"harry's nikki?" 
"yes." i looked down at the black interrior, his car reminded me of batman. 
"they're proposed." 
"i know." people were beeping and liam beeped back, but he wasnt going to move.
"i dont know what to do for you.." 
"but harrys just going to hurt her!" 
"he actually helped her, mate." 
"no he didnt." i pouted
"i hate him." 
"dont say that." 
"too bad." 
he drove me to my flat, i got out of his car, the bumper sticker was the batman logo, hes obsessed. i unlocked the door and went to the phone. i called nikki, i had to tell her how i felt.
it rang twice
"hello?" she asked sweetly
"yes? wait is this niall?" 
"i have to talk to you, can i meet you at the hospital?" 
"sure, ask harry what room number im in, i honestly dont even know what number i am because of all the meds. haha."
"i got into a fight with harry."
"what? oh goodness niall!" 
"it was over you.."
"niall.." her voice was drowned with simpathy 
"nikki, i need to talk to you face to face." 
"um sure, let me ask a nurse what room this is.. um its 645." 
"okay be there in 15."
"okay." she hung up.
i put my jacket on and went to my car. i drove to the hospital, there was a man selling flowers by the door. i brought a bouquet of flowers for nikki. i went upstairs to her room. she was sitting up reading vouge.
"hey." i said
"hi." she looked dissapointed and upset
"i got these for you." i gestured towards the flowers.
"put them over there please." she pointed to a table. she continued reading her magazine
"yeah." she looked up.
"i think im in love with you." her big blue eyes turned grey and her face paled agian, the tiny smile on her face faded. 
"oh niall.. i cant.. it was a mistake. oh no. im in love, with harry." 
"all harry will do is hurt you! im the one that really loves you!" 
"niall, sit down." i sat down
"you out of all people know what im going through. you know about my dad and why i left. im leaving the hospital tomorrow, i think im going to leave europe too." 
"what? why!" 
"i hate the drama. im telling harry later when he comes."
"i dont think hes coming later.."
"what did you do.."
"hurt him.." just then harry barged in. we both silenced. he looked at me with a black expression, proberly not sure what to do then his face grew an angry expression.

harrys p.o.v
"HOW DARE YOU COME HERE NIALL." niall looked strong and pugnacious (warlike, i learned it in ela :)) an evil grin showed on his face
"nikki just told me something very instresting.."
"what?" i looked at nikki, but she quickly looked at her magazine.she looked scred of me.
"shes leaving." niall said smirking. i looked at nikki 
"what?" her eyes turned a sky blue and they became watery
"im leaving tomorrow." 
"your leaving me?" 
"niall please leave." niall looked down and left the room. 
"what are you talking about nikki?" 
"i have to leave." she said it so calmly
"but why?"
"harry, you dont understand." 
"were engadged, i would be the one person who understood." 
"ok, come sit." i sat down at the bottom of her bed.
"i left the states because of my father."
"what did he do?"
"he died. there was so much drama about it, i couldnt take it. so i left." 
"listen to me." i held her cheeks softly
"im not letting you go, ever." she smiled. 
"im getting out tomorrow, how about you book us a vacation for just the two of us? anywhere." 
"ok" i winked at her, we talked for a couple more hours then i left. niall was still outside, he was upset. 
"im sorry." i said, i ment it.
"no your not." he turned around and walked away.
"niall, the door is this way." 
he turned agian, while he walked pass me i grabbed his wrist. 
"niall, dont be mad. millions of girls want you.. you dont need this one.."
"you dont understand harry.." 
"yes i do. i love her too."
"ok well go to your flat and talk yeah?"
we both went down to the lot in sclience, we got into our cars and drove to my flat. he got out of his car  and walked to my porch, i got out of my car and onto the porch too. i unlocked the door. we walked inside. niall sat on the big red couch, while i fell on my black love seat. 
"nah.. "
"yeah me neither."
"nikki.. why do you love her?" i looked into nialls eyes, i started tearing up
"i- i cant explain it, i feel like im on a different level with her, ive never felt like this before. never in my life, every time we kiss we have this spark. every time we touch it makes me want her more. the way she talks and the way she moves. its amazing, and i love her." 
"yeah. speaking of her she wanted me to book her tickets for me and her for a vacation any suggestions?"
"russia or spain." 
"spain."  i got onto my computer, first i booked 2 first class plane tickets then the hotel tickets. we would be staying in 'the madrid palace' cher stayed there. 
"im sorry." niall broke the silence. 
"its okay mate." 
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