and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


5. leaving

harrys p.o.v. 
why did i just walk away? whats wrong with me right now? what just happened? i walked back to the living room where she was watching spongebob. she looked at me, then looked back at spongebob. "are you okay babe?" i asked. " the question is are you?" she stood up. "harry, your leaving for a month and you didnt even tell me you were going in the first place, then you walk away from me." she got closer. "whats wrong." she looked into my eyes and into my soul. "i just didnt want it to be true and i didnt want to leave you." "what be true?" "that i was leaving for an entire month." " harry," she laughed, "a month will be over before you know it. nothing will change aroung here, the only thing that will be different is that im starting my job." she wrapped her arms around my neck and pecked my lips. i looked down at her. "wanna make this night count?" "harry, you might know how to sing but you cant think." i pushed her onto the sofa. "that was mean. and youll pay." i whispered into her ear. she growled. she pulled my shirt over my head. and i pulled hers over her head. she kept on kissing me and tugging off my clothes until i was completely naked and she was dressed. 

nikkis p.o.v.
this was the second time we were having sex, but it was okay because we've been going out for a while. i got up and walked to his bedroom and stoped he pushed me down with such force that if his bed was a tiny bit harder i would've hurt myself. he started unzipping my dress. i pulled his shirt over his head. he was tugging at my dress and now i was tugging at his pants. "actually harry, I'm not in the mood." i saw the look on his face drop. "but nikkiiiii!" "hazza, im tireddd." "im not." he looked at me sudicively. i wouldve been all over that boy if i wasnt so tired. "lets just watch movies." "ok." he frowned. i cuddled with him as we watched resident evil. i closed my eyes at some parts because i was scared and then he held me closer. when the movie ended i was like so scared. "are you okay?" he chuckled "i'm scared harryyyyyyy." he held me closer. "its okay, im here." "what is i get scared when you leave?" he chucked. "you sound like a child." he started singing to me. 
"your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bare this in mind it was ment to be." he held my hand and sat up. "and im joining up the dots, with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me." he kissed my cheek. "i know youve never loved, the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you never loved, your stomach or your theighs. the crinkles in your back at the bottom of your spine, but ill love them endlessly. i wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if you do. its you, oh its you they add up to you, and im in love with you. and all your little things. you cant go to bed without a cup of tea." he got up dragging me to the kitchen, he started making tea and he continued singing. "and mabye thats the reason that you talk in your sleep, and all those convosations are the secrets that i keep though it makes no sense to me." he brang me back to the room with the tea. we sat back on the bed and he continued. "i know you never loved, the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me. i wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if i do, its you, its you, they add up to, im in love with you. and all these little things youll never love yourself half first much as i love you, youll never treat your self right darling but i want you too. if i let you know im here, for you. mabye youll love yourself like i, love you oh. and i just let these little things slip out of my mouth. cause its you, its you, its you they add up to and im in love with you, and all things little things. i wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if its true its you, its you they add up to im in love eith you, and all these little things." he kissed me. "remember, when i leave, that song, its about you, and only you. i love you." he kissed me agian. "i love you too." i said. he smiled. "drink up your tea, then we'll go to sleep. we both have a big day tomorrow." i smiled then drank the tea.

harrys p.o.v.
after i finished singing to her i could see in her eyes that she loved me, and i loved her. a whole month was going to feel like a year without her, but i loved my job, and i loved the boys, so it would all work out. i couldnt sleep so i just watched her, she fell asleep right after the tea. "oh harry!" i chuckled but i left her alone. "i love you," i smiled "but i love harry, not louis." she mumbled. i sat up. what was she dreaming about? "i just told you that i love harry." she mumbled "stop!" "nikki. wake up." she opened her eyes a bit. "what." "what were you dreaming about? you were talking." "i was dreaming about you, and liam, and louis and liam was telling me to love louis, but i love you. now go to sleep." she turned over and she was gone agian. i fell asleep. 
-the next morning- 
i looked at the clock, 10:30. i had to be at the airport at 11:30 shit. "nikki! are you coming to the airport?" i shook her, she jolted up. "yes yes yes." "i have to pack, get ready." "okay." she went into the bathroom, this wasnt even her house, but she has been staying here for a while so she mustve brought stuff over. i threw everything into my suitcase and zipped it up, then i got dressed. then i checked my phone 5new messages from louis. 
louis;): where are you?
louis;): hello?
louis;): hazza?
louis;): harry barry?
louis;): i miss you come to the airport
i was about to reply when nikki walked in. she was wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. i watched her put on socks, then she started looking for shoes. "here." i handed her my white converse. "arent these your favorite shoes?" she smiled. "im a millionare, i could buy another pair." i smiled back. she put them on. she picked up her louis vitton bag and i picked up my suitcase and we left, hand in hand. we drove to the airport, and got out. before we went to the v.i.p. room a ton of girls mobbed me and nikki. "i hate you nikki!" "slut!" another girl threw a full water bottle. she picked it up and started drinking it, once she was finished she threw it into the sea of girls. "THANKS! I WAS THIIRSTY" she waved and blew kisses before she dragged me inside. we were both cracking up. "i serouisly cant believe you did that!" i laughed. she laughed. we sat down on the leather couch in the v.i.p. room then louis and elenor walked in. elenor ran over to nikki and gave her a hug. "hey hon!" elenor said happily "hey babez!" nikki shot back i looked at louis and he shrugged. it was time to leave i hugged nikki and kissed her. "listen to me, remember last night, drink all the water you need, skype me every night at 8, and text me whenever your free." "anything for you." she smiled. she hugged me agian and i squeezed tighter. " i love you." she whispered "i love you too." i whispered back. i gave her another kiss. and got my bags and went on the plane, before i went into the hallway i waved at her. she waved back and smiled. i turned and walked away. 
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