and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


9. heart break and make ups

harrys p.o.v.
i was happy, i was going to get things to be better with nikki. i was going to proprose and we would get married and have kids, right? i walked into the studio. louis was talking with elenor, zayn was on the phone, proberly with perrie, and liam was on the phone, with danille. i went up to elenor. 
"do you know where nikki is?"
"she just left with niall." then she went back to talking with louis.
i walked out into the hallway and i heard a bang come from the janitor's closet. i opened it up, niall and nikki were making out. 
"em, uh, nikki?" i didnt relaize it was her at first, she turned around. she looked so beautiful, like always. my mouth hung open. i walked out and slammed the door before any of them could say anything
"mate!" niall yelled.
i stormed into the studio, everyone looked at me. i got my jacket and left. i went into my car and drove home. when i got there i locked the door behind me. i collasped on the couch and cried. i looked at the ceiling and thought about her. all the little things, cracks, and flaws, which contributed to her perfect self. the bell rang. 
"harry? its me nikki. let me in?" i didnt get up, but she let herself in. 
"im so sorry, why would i ever do this to you?" i didnt say anything, she brought me into a hug. 
"i love you." ha! yeah right. i thought
"if it wasnt for you none of this wouldve happened." i snapped reminding myself of louis. 
her expression changed from warm and caring to dark and juvinile.
"what? this is my fault? your kidding right?" she stared at me. her sky blue eyes turned icy grey. 
"i came here to make up with you harry, but you can forget about it." she turned on her heel and before she opened the door i grabbed her arm. she turned around and looked me in the eyes, then i let go of her, and she left. proberly forever.

nikkis p.o.v.
before i left he grabbed my arm. he was going to tell me something but he let go. he looked exacsted and defeated. he deffeintally wasnt himself. i texted niall
me: can we talk?
he replied immeditely
niall h: i dont know where your flat is so meet me at mine? ill have movies nandos and icecream yeah?
me: fine :)
i arrived at his flat five minutes later. he opened the door for me and kissed my cheek when i walked in. 
"so what happened with you and harry?" he had the sexiest thickest irish accent ive ever heard but i didnt care, i was a sucker for harry's accent and i always will be i started crying, hard.
"oh my.." he hugged me
"i- im sorry. i just really need harry. i shouldnt even be here." i got up and left
"no." niall grabbed my arm and dragged me back inside. 
"you cant go outside like this, your eyes are blurry and youll get into an accident, let me drive you yeah?" 
"okay." i forced a smile
niall wrapped me into a hug, then he kissed me
"im sorry!" he yelled i walked out before he could catch me. i ran into the car and turned up a radio station. 
"now before we have our next call we have caller number 100!" the radio dj said
"hello! your caller 100! whats your name?"
"harry, harry styles. i wanted to tell nikki joann babbino that i love her." 
"ok "harry styles" yeah right." then shes not afriad by one direction came on." my phone rang, it was harry. i pressed ignore. 
~2 weeks later~
"nikki, its been two weeks! just hookup with niall agian and forget about harry!" eleanor yelled from the kitchen island to the living room with a piece of toast in her mouth
"nooo i dont like him! i like harry!"
"then get back together with him.. duh.." 
"well he has to come to me." 
"he called you about 100 times and sent 1000 messages. how much closer do you want him to come?" 
"i dont even know anymore." i frowned

louis p.o.v.
"were on in 20!" the manager of a BBC television show screamed.
"wheres harry?" liam asked
"well we havent heard from him, so hes proberly not coming." i said
"mabye we should check on him after the interview." niall said looking at his shoes, embarrased because of what he did with harrys girlfriend, well ex girlfriend.
"i went by his flat before i came here, i dropped eleanor off at nikkis flat." 
"did he answer?" niall looked up. i gave him the sassiest look i could
"what does it look like?" we went our ways to get things done. liam, harry and i went for makeup, while lou and her assistiant did niall and zayn's hair, we would switch in 10 min. 
20min later
"were on in 5... 4... 3... 2..."
"hi! im ellie goldberg and im here with one direction, well be learning a little bit pf their new album take me home! and at the end we have autographs and free cds for everyone in the audience! and not forgetting you all at home, were having the boys preform a song!" the blonde haired brown eyed tall golden skined interviewer said croud cheered and we fake smiled.
"now some questions boys." the ellie's pearly white teeth reflected into my eye, causing me to burn. 
"i watched the interviews in the last two weeks, cause i dont like to repeat questions, but i must ask, wheres harry?" 
"ugh. not this agian." zayn moaned
"yeah lets talk about girlfriends! liam! you and danille just got back together tell us how thats like!" i said
"excuse me lewis. but im the interviewer here." she said with more sass than me. 
"um excuse you but i am louis the tommo, tomlinson. do not sass me." the fans cheered.
"harry. where is she." she fake smiled.
"home." i said
"for two weeks?" 
"loser." zayn and liam laughed ellie had an evil grin on her face.
"Niall! wheres harry?" she asked
"uh, um, a, um, he, hes, sad."
"because i madeout with his love."
"well thats an answer i like" 
"now commercial break!" 
we walked to the dressing room.
"niall! what the fuck mate!" 
"im sorry!" 
i got my stuff and called harry, no answer. what if he saw the video? what would he do?

nikkis p.o.v.
i was still in my pjs and it was 1:30, i just finished watching the boy's interview. i loved it at first, louis was being sassy and charming, but then niall told the world something he shouldnt have. the bell rang, i looked out the window and saw harry. i looked down at my outfit, navy sweatpants and a cream ribbed tank. i looked great, not. i opened the door for harry. he looked sad, dissappointed, and exausted. 
"hey." he said
"whats up?" i was getting a worried look on my face was he here to makeup with me, i hoped. 
"can i come in?" he said
"sure." he came in and sat on the couch, niall called me but i ignored it.
"im sorry about all i put you through, and mabye your right, mabye we should see other people." he said i could tell that my face dropped. 
"no. i only want to see you, i made a mistake with niall, and i hope you made a mistake with taylor, and that tramp from on tour." i said desperately
"are you sure?"
"yes." he got downon a knee and took out a box
"i love you, and i cant live without you, and i just love you so much that i cant describe it, i need to be with you, your my life, my bestfriend, if you left it would be like my mother leaving me, or the band breaking up. the bottom line is that i cant live without you anymore. so will you marry me?" i started tearing up
"oh harry!" 
"yes!" he put the ring on and after a moment of admiring it i crashed my lips agian, his lips tasted like popcorn. i pulled away
"i love the taste of your lips." 
"amd so do i to yours." he tried to take off my shirt.
"hazza, im on my peroid." he looked upset but he understood.
"do you want to watch a movie or sleep?" he said in a loving voice
"movie please."
"which movie love." 
"something lovie dovey that reminds me of us." 
"would you like to watch love actually?" 
"sure babe." 
"choclates make you break out, so ill get you gummies and advil for your cramps okay?"
"harry, thank you so much, i love you." 
"i love you too nicks." aww a nickname he left and returned 30 min later with love actually, the notebook, the titanic, 3 bags of sour patch watermelon (my fave!) 1 pack of swedish fish, and one bottle of fast acting advil, and a box of pads.
"i assumed you had pads love, but i didnt want to take chances. how many advil do you take?"
"one for now." he handed me one and a bottle of water, thenhe made me two cups of tea and lit a candle. he slipped the movie into the dvd player and he came next to me, he started rubbing my tummy.
" i love you so much." he kissed me
"i love you too love. we have to go tell my parents about this though."
"that im on my peroid..?" 
"no silly, that were engadged." he kissed my nose. we watched 10 min of love actually and made out for pratically the rest of the time.
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