and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


3. car trip!

nikkis p.o.v. 
i got dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a orange knit sweater from h&m and black uggs. i put a little eyeliner on brushed my hair and looked at the time. i gasped. we spent 3 hours having sex.. i walked out and harry was already back from changing.. "are you ready? " "yeah." i grabbed my phone off the charger and my bag and walked out. i hopped into the front seat of the car. "harry! you drive!" "ok love." i loved when he called me that. harry climbed into his car. he pressed a button and it turned on. it was really cool. i immediatially fell asleep. i woke up to 4,508 notifications on twitter. i looked at harry. "good morning sleeping beauty." "hi." i checked my twitter. slut, whore,stripper, bitch. my heart stopped beating for a second. whats going on. i scroled all the was to the bottom. @harrystyles tweeted a picture of you. the picture was of me sleeping. the caption said "my sleeping beauty."  "your so sweet! but your fans arent." i broke the silence. he laughed. " how do you feel? being part of one direction and all?" " i love it, its my passion, my inspiration, my fun, and my work all rolled into one.. i love it so much. " he looked at me when we stopped at a red light and gave me a cheeky smile, i put my hand on his hand. (since his hand was only on one wheel.) we drove like that all the way to annes house. Anne's warm smile greeted us. "who is this harry?" she looked at me. and smiled approvingly "this is nikki, my girlfriend." he looked at my and smiled, i smiled back. "your pretty." anne suddendlly said. "why thank you." i blushed. we walked in and genna was sitting there.. is i was pretty gemma was a drop dead georgous fairy. her hair was curled into large peices. it was tinted red. she was wearing a juicy coutoure jumpsuit. about $150 right there. she was texting on her iphone 5. "HI GEMMA!" harry screamed, gemma jumped. "HEY HAZZA!" she screamed back, they gave eachother a hug. Anne was smiling sweetly at them. "OMGG who is this diamond?" gemma screamed in harry's ear looking at me. "calm down gem. its my girlfriend, nikki." "not one of those tramps that you usally go out with right?" "well does she look like a bloody tramp gemma?" "no.. is she?" "NO!" i screamed then laughed. gemma came to shake my hand. her hands were so soft while mine were gross and clammy. she kinda wiped my grossness on her pants when she thought i wasnt looking, but i was. "um , where are the bathrooms?" i said "up here, ill bring bring you." harry quickly said. he took my hand and led me upstairs. " harry, i dont think that they like me.." "yes they do love." he escorted my into the bathroom and followed me in. "harry." "what?" he smiled cheekily i just smiled back at him. "we could hear what they are saying if your quiet." he put his ear up agianst a air duck. "i think shes perfect for harry, and shes georgeous." gemma said. "do you think shes a tad quiet?" anne said back, " well she just met us.. who could blame her.. i really like her so.." "i like her too." i was so happy, i couldnt believe they were saying those things.
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