and he stole my heart

im really bad at titles by the way. so nikki has to get away from her hometown in texas. so she goes to london, there she meets THE harry styles. sooner or later they find themselves falling for eachother, hard. but what should nikki expect? that boy is wanted by every girl in america. what else happens? youll just have to read to figure it out. **WARNINGGG their are a couple of dirty chapters. you could skip over them if you want. im not forcing you to read them.**


1. do you promise?

Nikki's P.O.V. 
I got off the plane. It was raining, of corse. I walked to the information desk. "Hello miss, how can i help you." the lady said  "Can i have a number for a taxi service?" "How about i call you one?" "Sure! thank you!" i gave her my name the driver was standing there 5 minuetes later with a sign with my name on it. I ran into the car trying to avoid the rain. I didnt care if my jingle ball 2012 sweatshirt got wet or my hair or my leggings, it was my $600 boots i was worried about. As i got into the car i took the bottom of my sweatshirt and wiped the water off my boots. The driver looked at me and chuckled. "Valley girl huh?" he said "haha well you could put it that way! whats the point of buying these babes and not being able to wear em?" he chuckled agian. He was right outside my flat. IT WAS GEORGOUS. there were vines crawling up the vintage bricks to the freshly painted white roof. Pink and Yellow flowers were in their beds lining the two large windows at the front of the house. The porch had a bench swing and a table. it was georgous. The man pulled my luggage to the porch, i opened my Louis Vitton bag and took out a $20 and handed it to him. "Euros?" a man came out of his house across the street. " i'm so sorry i forgot to change the currancy and.. " the man looked up at me, he took out his wallet and ran across the street to us. he handed the man 20 euros. "thanks." then he drove away. i walked back to the porch and offered for him to come inside and get some tea and he followed. "Hi. im nikki." i started making two cups of tea. "Im harry." his accent was so charming. he laughed. "i played at jingle ball." i slowly turned around. it was harry styles. "oh my god! my friend is obsessed with you! too bad shes not here.." i frowned. then i continued making tea. the house was fully furnished and stocked with food, you always need to take procauntions. "Tea? Sugar? Honey?" "Honey, honey." i turned around and he winked. i brought two cups on a trey. "thanks love." his accent was so charming! we drank our tea and talked for what felt like hours. he left and i went to sleep.

~the next day~
Harry's P.O.V.
i came back at 9:00 this girl was so charming. Her american accent was beautiful, and so was she. ding! i got a text from louis she looked at me with wide eyes and i laughed 
Louis;): me and el are gonna be at your flat in 5 shes gettin dressed from pool 
me: no prob mate.
"hey, nikki?" "yeah" "well im going out with louis and elenor.. do you want to come?" "haha as a date?" "well im harry styles, you cant say no." she bit her lip. god she was so sexy.. "sure." i laughed and then pecked her lips. she kissed me back, then i kissed her more passionately. we were like that for 5 minuetes and then i tried to take off her sweatshirt. she pulled away. "No, no, no." and she smiled. i looked at her with puppy eyes. ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding. Louis and Elenor were here. elenor came in, looking like a stylish grandma with good hair and Louis was wearing a .. what the hell was Louis wearing. he was wearing a green sweater with a stripped green scarf and elenors sunglasses. i looked at his outfit and then elenor. "he dressed himself today." she sounded annoyed. "im going to change out of my p.j.s." nikki said. she left. we sat there awkwardly for 5 min then she came out. Her hair was longer than i thought and it was extremely wavy from the braid. her blue eyes were liked with black. She was wearing an colbalt blue fitted top with a grey Kiss My Coutore sweatshirt from Juicy, jeans and black uggs. "lets go!" elenor screamed. i sat in the front of my range rover with nikki. i steered with one hand and put my other hand over hers. she quickly took it away. Louis and El were making out in the back. "My god. get a room." "shutup." we drove all the way to Nandos. ding i got a text.
Niall : why didnt you tell me you were coming to Nandos!?!?!? and whos the babe with you. 
i showed the text to Louis and we laughed. El and Nikki were walking and talking. their hair was bounceing as they walked. Niall came running out of Nandos to meet us. 
"HI MATES!" "hey mate. why are you in london?" " i got lonely at home and i wanted to visit you.. but then i got hungry." he frowned. " well.. were hungry." all three of us walked in.. the girls were already online ordering. 

nikki's p.o.v. 
i felt like elenor was my bestfriend. she said that she would hook me up with a job and everything and i had to do nothing for her.. she was telling me these cute little stories about harry and louis and liam and niall and zayn. she was sweet and beautiful. "haha. so let me make a call to my friend giselle. mabye she can get you a job at vouge u.k." " thank you el! that would be amazing!" i grabbed her and hugged her. "PAWS OFF MY LADY!" louis screamed. "you wouldnt even let me hold your hand" harry looked sad at the floor. i laughed and extended my arm. he looked like an exicted puppy as he ran and took my hand. we got our food and walked to the table.. suprisingly niall didnt get anything. but then i remembered.. he just ordered a feast before we came. there was paperazi everywhere. Harry wouldnt let go of my hand. we dropped elenor and Louis off at their house and niall took a seperate car to a hotel. Harry parked at my house. we held hands going inside. but now our hands were swinging. i unlocked the door and we both laid on the floor. adoring my new fluffy carpets. "Harry?" "yes?" "i have to tell you something.." harry got up looking worried. then i sat up. "anything babe." "ive been out with one boy in my life.. i thought i loved him.. i couldnt go a day without seeing his face. we were going out for 3 years.. on our 3 year annerversity my bestfriend came up to me and showed me a picture of him making out with another girl. i started cutting myself. i almost stabbed myself in the heart but my bestfriend jumped on top of me when she saw me grabbing the knife. " harrys mouth was wide open, his eyes were wide. i just smiled. "now do you promise that if we go out.. you will never do that to me.." "nikki, i swear on my heart. i would never do that to you. i will never hurt you. and i will always love you. we passionately kissed for about 10 minuetes he started un zipping my sweater i couldnt believe what was happening. so soon, so fast? was this right? what this wrong? i played along. i pulled his shirt over his head. Then he took off my shirt. his pants were next, then were mine. so harry styles was on top of me.. making out with me.. in my house while we were both 75% naked. ok. it felt so right i pulled his boxers down and started to give him a hand job. he moaned into my mouth then i moaned. he started kissing my neck. i moaned. "oh! nikki!" he screamed. i kept going faster until it all came out. i pulled my hands out and put them into his hair as he kissed down the the line of my bra. He started licking, sucking, and kissing. i laid there moaning. he took off my bra, then he smiled. "What?" i said "Mabye you shouldnt be wearing such small bras.. your boobs are huge!" i blushed and then he continued kissing me and i continued moaning.

harrys p.o.v. 
i bit her panties and tried pulling them down. she was moaning louder and louder. then the doorbell rang "FUCK." she laughed. i put on my jeans and she ran into her room to put on fresh clothes. i threw the other clothes into the dark corner of the room. i opened the door the lady looked at me and slapped me in the face. "WHO ARE YOU!?!?". the lady was really pretty. she looked like nikki but older and less charming, understanding, and caring. she was wearing a black peacoat. she was holding a coach bag and she wore blue pumps. i looked at her like she was crazy and i slowly backed away holding my cheek cause damn this lady was strong. nikki came running out. "MOMMYYYYYYYY!!!!" she ran and gave her a hug. "who is that little cupcake?" "oh, hes a friend." "boyfriend?" "no." she said quickly. i frowned. the lady scowled at me and then turned back around to nikki. im going to the bathroom.. "wait.. i thought we were a thing.." "nope." she smiled. she was honestly the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. nikkis mum stayed for a while and then left. i slept on the couch while nikki slept in her room. we never got back to where we left off. boo.
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