Let Me Out Of Here.

When she was born, her slutty parents gave Tylie away to the AAG, a.k.a the Agency of Aborted Girls. Where Tylie got along with all the girls, and had a happy, healthy and fun life. Her best friend ever, Amy who was a month older than her helped her loosen up and have fun. When Amy turns 19, the horror of womenhood begins. She was tooken ot of the joyful unti of the children and into the room of horror. Where all women 19 and older are kept, behind strong, medal bars. Where girls are held in poor care and are raped each day by 5 guys. The next day, Amy visits Tylie, where she tells her what happens, and how horrorful it is.


8. The 8th.

I walked down the long hall, looking through every door searching for my friends. After a few minutes, I realised I couldn't remember today's date. So I searched for a counselor. I found one chanching a newborn's diaper. " Uh counselor?" " Yes?" " What's the day today?" It's the 8th." I walked down the hall, I found them in the 18's room coloring on the the round carpet in the middle of the room. I slowed my running down and panted. They looked up at me.

"Girl, were you just doing a 400 meter run or something?" Lauren commented. " No Lauren, it's not like that, ive been running around thee hall looking around for you guys." I continued, slowing my panting. " So TyTy, what were you doing for the past like 15 minutes?" She questionned. I panicked in my mind. What to say, what to say! THINK god damn it Tylie! I was taking a shower and changing?"   "Girl you are still wearing what you wore all day." Amy argued, looking up and down my body. " It's not my fault periods are so messy! Besides I had to change my pad!" I yelled, trying to for once not pass as guilty. " Ok, ok! I'm sure we do not want to know when you have your period Tylie. It's-it's discusting! Well discustinger than talking about Amy sweating..." " Ashley, discustinger is not a word." " I don't fucking care! Just trying to prove a point here... Anyways, you joining or not?"

" Oh yeah, what was it I wanted to tell Amy? Oh! Amy, it's the 8th today!" "No way. Don't lie to me girl." She looked at me in a serious way. " I'm not joking Amy! Your birthday is tomorrow!" " So wait wait wait, this is Yma's last day being 18." Lauren mumbled. "Ya...? And?" Amy asked, curious. " What are we doing sitting around coloring when it's the last night you'll ever be 18?!" " Lauren's right. We shouldn't be sitting here. We must do something big!"

The 8th.

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