Let Me Out Of Here.

When she was born, her slutty parents gave Tylie away to the AAG, a.k.a the Agency of Aborted Girls. Where Tylie got along with all the girls, and had a happy, healthy and fun life. Her best friend ever, Amy who was a month older than her helped her loosen up and have fun. When Amy turns 19, the horror of womenhood begins. She was tooken ot of the joyful unti of the children and into the room of horror. Where all women 19 and older are kept, behind strong, medal bars. Where girls are held in poor care and are raped each day by 5 guys. The next day, Amy visits Tylie, where she tells her what happens, and how horrorful it is.


7. My Boyish Facebook Friend.

*After supper *

I told my friends to go do something and I'll catch up with them later. So, I grabbed a Mac laptop, which belongs to the AAG, and sit in the corner with the laptop in my lap. I logged myself in the code every shares along with the password and made sure no one was nearby. Clear, my mind spoke. I typed facebook in the URL and logged into it. I saw a few messages from the boy creature I told you about before supper.

 Hey babe XO. He typed.

I checked to see if he was online, and with my luck he was.

Hey! WSP?

Nothing other than chatting with u XO.

Aww ur so sweet! :3

Not as sweet as u XO.

I gigged, he was so cute when he tells me I'm beautiful. " What's so funny?" One of the counselors asked me snapping myself back to reality. "Nothing. Just a joke I read." I saw her walk away, I sighed. Thank god.


Babe??? He typed.

Oh sorry, I was just err talking to my mother.

Ok so you know I lied to him, I know. But it's only because I told him I live in Florida in a apartment. Why? Because I don't need him knowing that I live in a girl adoption center! He probably wouldn't like me anymore. But the good thing is that he lives in Vegas!

Alrighty, well im sorry love but I have to go now, Im meeting up with my mates.

Sya, and I never got your name.

By the time I pressed enter, he already logged out. Besides, I had to meet my friends also. Now it was time to delete the history on the laptop so that I don't get caught being on here.

My Boyish Facebook Friend.



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