Let Me Out Of Here.

When she was born, her slutty parents gave Tylie away to the AAG, a.k.a the Agency of Aborted Girls. Where Tylie got along with all the girls, and had a happy, healthy and fun life. Her best friend ever, Amy who was a month older than her helped her loosen up and have fun. When Amy turns 19, the horror of womenhood begins. She was tooken ot of the joyful unti of the children and into the room of horror. Where all women 19 and older are kept, behind strong, medal bars. Where girls are held in poor care and are raped each day by 5 guys. The next day, Amy visits Tylie, where she tells her what happens, and how horrorful it is.


6. Movies and Secrets.

I grabbed the book and climbed down the ladder. I brought it into my room and under my pillow on my bed and went back to my friends. "OK, now that we got that done, who wants to play Just Dance 4?" I asked. They raised their hands up. " Alrighty, I'll set it up!" I added while running to the wii to set it up. Might as well not waste time! I got it set up in less than a minute and we were already doing Gangnam Style. Ashley got 4 stars, I had just past 4, Amy had 5 considering she was a good dancer; and Lauren had 3. " I'm already sweating through my pits!" Amy declaired. " Yma, keep gross things about you to yourself!" I spoke in discust.

*2 hours later..*

" I think we played enough for today. I feel like I went swimming in sweat!" Amy claimed again. " Gross! Keep those thoughts to yourself!" I yelled at her. "Whatev's Ty!" She responded. " Well supper isn't for like 3 hours, so what do you want to do girlies?" I asked. " I feel like watching a movie!" Lauren complained. " What is there to watch?" I questionned them. " Wait, remember that book... What's that called... Oh, The Hunger Games, let's watch that!" Amy answered excitedly. " All who wants to watch THe HUnger Games." I, and the 3 others raised their hands. I nodded, while Lauren went searching for the disc, she came back minutes later with the disc and put it in.

*3 and a half hours later...*

Wow, that was so good! Not as good as the book, although. And what perfect timing!  THere is like 5 minutes until supper. "I wonder what's for supper." Amy asked. " Who knows. Anyways, you guys do whatever and I will meet you's at the cafeteria!" I shouted.

I know you are wondering what I'll do, right? Can I tell you a secret? I have a facebook account. Alright, so you think it isn't a big deal, but here, no one is allowed to have one. And there are these creatures called boys. And I might be friends with one out in the world. Don't tell anyone, It's between you and me! Alright, so this arguement costed a few minutes, might as well head over to the cafeteria.

Movies and Secrets.

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