Let Me Out Of Here.

When she was born, her slutty parents gave Tylie away to the AAG, a.k.a the Agency of Aborted Girls. Where Tylie got along with all the girls, and had a happy, healthy and fun life. Her best friend ever, Amy who was a month older than her helped her loosen up and have fun. When Amy turns 19, the horror of womenhood begins. She was tooken ot of the joyful unti of the children and into the room of horror. Where all women 19 and older are kept, behind strong, medal bars. Where girls are held in poor care and are raped each day by 5 guys. The next day, Amy visits Tylie, where she tells her what happens, and how horrorful it is.


1. Life is Good, Life is Great.

I was excited, as I always was. Because my birthday was coming in about a month. And my BFF, Amy is turning 19 in a few days. We were excited. We love living in the AAG, although it was strange how when people turned 19, they dissappeared. Amy always was the 'adventure-loving' type of girl, so she could find out what happens to them. And she always wanted to grow up and go to the big kids' room. And now she could, and soon we'd see each other again after my birthday.We always wanted to see what it looked like.

Me and Amy were singing, as we both thought we were good at it, and we loved doing it. I wouldn't say it was my best talent, my talent was drawing and playing piano, and hers was dancing and being an amazing friend.  When we finished singing, she brought up a question. "What do you think it would be like when we reach the big kids' room?" " I don't know, maybe it will be where we learn responsibility and shit." " Aha, ya. But people say it sucks, I just think it's because they think it's where you learn to grow up." " True dat Amy!" We high-fived. Seriously, some people want to be 2 for their whole life. I just wanna grow up and life my life, instead of pooping my diapers like the 2 year olds do. Life sucks for them.

" So, whatcha wanna do now?" " Don't know..." "Wait, didn't you tell me a week ago you were learning how to play Skyscraper on piano?" " Ya, I can play it well now..." " Show me, I don't believe you." " You never believe me!" " Because I don't believe you can play my favourite song ever on piano!" " Well it depends, are you gona bug me every hour to play it for you?" " No... maybe." We giggled, she always has a way to cheer me up, or make things funny out of normal conversations...

So I lifted the piano key cover up and started playing until I was interrupted. "Eeeek!" She screeched. " If you scream like that, I will never play this to you again ever." " Fine." she whined. I started over again until the end of the song. " Can I screech now?" " Yes. Let me block my ears first." " Ok, go." " OMG OMG OMG! Eeeeek!" I watched her screech until she closed her mouth. " Can I unblock them, now?" 'Yes.' she mouthed. So I slowly uncovered my ears, hoping she wouldn't screech again. " Do not fear, I won't screech in your ears!" She said like Superman. " Keep it down, girls! The little ones are trying to have a nap!" " Sorry Miss." We answered in unison. Life is Good, Life is Great.





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