Let Me Out Of Here.

When she was born, her slutty parents gave Tylie away to the AAG, a.k.a the Agency of Aborted Girls. Where Tylie got along with all the girls, and had a happy, healthy and fun life. Her best friend ever, Amy who was a month older than her helped her loosen up and have fun. When Amy turns 19, the horror of womenhood begins. She was tooken ot of the joyful unti of the children and into the room of horror. Where all women 19 and older are kept, behind strong, medal bars. Where girls are held in poor care and are raped each day by 5 guys. The next day, Amy visits Tylie, where she tells her what happens, and how horrorful it is.


5. Guilty Over Everything.

*10 minutes later...*


I was almost done eating my salad, a few slices of my orange and a few sips of my water; when Ashley said " Damn, it's been what, like 10 minutes since we started eating and you are almost done the whole freaking thing? Geez, how do eat so much yet manage to keep your sexy body in shape?" " I don't know, maybe it's because I eat good food." I answered. " Girl, you eat candy, chocolate, donuts, slushies... You don't eat GOOD food." She named, counting with her fingers. " Alright, alright, you caught me! I'm guilty!" I put my hands up in the air as if im being arrested. " Your guilty doing a lot of things! You should go to jail, just for each time you've been caught guilty. Ya know what I'm sayin'." Lauren said like a drama queen.

"Yada yada yada. Let me finish my lunch!" I argued. These girls always argue with me over seriously weird and funny things." Ok. Ok girlfriend. Just hurry up I wanna go do something." Amy complained. I didn't answer, my mouth was too busy chewing and my mind told me 'savour these last few bites. Who knows when you'll have it next.' It felt like heaven, and tasted like it.

Finally the last fork full of heaven. I mentally cried, but at least I had some for lunch. I took my last bite, ate the last pieces of my orange and drank the rest of my water. I brought my garbage and the tray in the garbage and placed my tray over the counter on the pile of the other's trays while my friends followed me.

" Alright, so vat' are 've doinga?" I expressed in a russian accent.

" Are 've speakinga russian?" Ashley questionned back in a russian accent.

" Yes, but it's already annoying." I answered back in my own voice.

We followed down the hall in a horizontal line chatting about random things, and giggling at our conversation. We followed into the freetime room, the name says it all. We looked around at the others playing and hanging with their buds. There was so much to do, I didn't know what I wanted to do.

My eyes stared all along the huge room until my eyes feel upon the bookshelf who was filled with books, and had lowest age to older age; up of books. And so you know, 18 years high, with each shelf long with thousands of books per age. Huge bookshelf, ain't it? I saw in the corner of my eyes, to see my friends looking at me, then in the direction I was looking. I looked back at them with a questioning face.

" What?"

" What are you thinking of doing, or for all of us to do with books?" Amy asked.

" I don't know, I wanna see if they have any books I want to read." I answered.

I started walking towards the bookshelf, looking up at the 18 year old's books. My eyes scanned the side of the book showing the titles of their book. I approached it, looking upwards at the shelf, seeing if I was interested in any of the titles. My eyes soon enough fell upon a book, or actually a series full of books named either Archie, Betty and Veronica, Jughead and many other titles. Since my age group was so high, I would need a ladder.

I looked down the aisle of bookshelves to see a wooden ladder who could roll it's way from one side to another. I walked to it and rolled it along back to where I stood before. I climbed upp to the top step and grabbed one of many, Archie series. They were cartoon. Awesome, I love cartoon, and I could possibly learn more cartoon drawings by looking at these characters. I flipped to a random page, And read a short cartoon ou tof this book full and laughed at the end. They were funny ones too. Great, I love humour!

 I put the book back into it's rightful place and rolled 5 steps to the left to where the first Archie was copied. I never start any other book of the series- except for the start. I know, what I did a few seconds ago, I was looking at a random one out of the series, I was only having a glimpse ok! My mind pondered back to lunch time, and our 'guilry' conversation. No wonder I'm guilty over everything!

Guilty Over Everything.

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