Life was a battlefield before I met you

Caitlin has always been the strongest one of her family until she meets James. He turns her in the wrong direction and hurts her. Caitlin lives with her brother Louis. When Louis decides to go on the X-Factor and brings back four guys, some of them fall head over heals for her but what will Caitlin do when she doesn't want to break her heart again? Read to find out!


5. Walmart

When we arrived at Walmart, Bella jumped out of the car and ran directly to the food place. Stacey and I ran frantically after her. When we got in, we saw her with a cart piling in food. "Whoa whoa whoa! calm down!" Stacy said holding Bella's hand to stop her from grabbing more cans of food. " Lets see what we got here missy." I said. " Spaghetti noodles, frozen pizza, ice cream, sushi, crab cakes, brownie mix, 3 BOXES OF ICING ?? Don't you think your getting WAY out of hand." " Nope, don't think so." Bella said popping the 'p' up. "Alright, lets split up." Stacy said. And with that we were off. I decided to go get some drinks. I got some milk, orange juice, soda, and some energy drinks. Next I was at the bread. I got some fresh bread from the bakery, rolls, and some cinnamon bread for the morning. I found myself at the fruit section next. I picked up some apples, pears, bananas, cherries, and some mango's. I decided to head down to the sweets isle, because every girl needs her sweets. I grabbed some cake mix, because i love baking, some cookies, and some chocolate kisses. I finally called Stacy and she said she was with Bella at to deli place. I told her I would be there in five minuets. I walked over to the deli place and saw that Stacy's cart was as full as mine. However, Bella's cars was overflowing like a volcano. "I think we should pay before Bella's cart tips over!" I said and quickly started to make my way over to the cashier. After we got all the food into plastic bags, the total was over 500 dollars! "Oh god." I heard Stacy mumble under her breath. I just giggled quietly. After hauling the bags into the car, we finally made it home. It took us an hour and a half to unpack everything. We decided it was time to eat so we popped in a pizza and watched 'Easy A' we laughed so hard we started crying and at one point, Bella made me laugh so hard that I choked on my pizza. After we finished. i decided to go to bed. I got to my room and it was so adorable! It was it light shade of purple and a canopy bed with a  lavender bed spread. It had cute egg shell white curtains with deep eggplant polka dots on it. I walked into the bathroom and it was the same color as the bed spread. It had a small framed picture of a beach in it with a single red umbrella stuck in the sand. I walked out and opened the closet. It wasn't to small or to large. I unpacked quickly and got into my PJ's. I plugged in my phone and saw a photo frame of all three of us when we were little at a theme park. I had braces and so did Bella so I knew i was in the 7th grade. I rolled back over and soon fell asleep.


(AN) Happy New Year!! 2013!!! sorry for this chapter. It could be rubbish because i'm writing this at 1:43 am.

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