Life was a battlefield before I met you

Caitlin has always been the strongest one of her family until she meets James. He turns her in the wrong direction and hurts her. Caitlin lives with her brother Louis. When Louis decides to go on the X-Factor and brings back four guys, some of them fall head over heals for her but what will Caitlin do when she doesn't want to break her heart again? Read to find out!


4. Stacy & Bella

I found a bench outside ad sit down. It's only about 5 minuits till I can see Stacy's red truck pull up. I stand up and through the window I can see her wave, I wave back. I bend down to grab my luggage and I hear Stacy yell "Caitlin!!! I missed you so much!!" "Haha! I've missed you too Stace!" "We'll come on then! We can't stay here all day!" She said while grabbing my suitcase and tossing it in the bed of the truck. I get in and put my seatbelt on and then Stacy zooms off leaving a cloud of dust behind. We enjoy our car ride home catching up and jamming out to the radio. Through the distant, I can see Stacy's little two-story brick house with a small running brown figure and alongside of it was another one but it was black. When we pulled up into her driveway, the two figures came into view. Of course I remembered them. The brown one was Wilson and he was a boxer. The other one was Huck and he was a retriever. "Hey boys! Did you miss me?" I said as a knelt down to their level. "Come on Caty! Im sure Bella want to see you." Stacy yelled. I walked inside dragging my suit case up the stairs and into the house. "Come on through the kitchen. Bella probably is in here." Stacy said. I followed and Stacey just stopped in the door. " What's the matter Stace? I said poking her on the shoulder. Then all of a sudden I went deaf. "BELLA GRACE ZAISER {pronounced~ Zi / ser } " Stacy screamed. I just stood there shocked. I walked in an saw the mess. The pantry. Gone. Empty gronila boxes and empty containers scattered everywhere. I walked in there was no sign of food anywhere. I was not going to be surprised if a tumbleweed rolled by. It was a ghost town. I sapped out of my imagination by the sound of screaming. I dashed into the living room and saw that Stacy had Bella in a headlock. I rushed in and got them to settle down. "Now lets all calm down shall-" "CATY!!!!!" Screams and again a go deaf. I'm tackled to the ground by Bella. "Get. Off. Can't. Breath. " I mumble out. "Oh sorry" Bella says and helps me up. "We'll, considering that we don't have anything to eat, we can't have dinner so I guess we will half to go grocery shopping. " Stacy says. "Alrighty, lets go then!" I reply and with that we are off to Walmart.

•Authors Note• Hey guys! Hope you enjoy it so far! Sorry some of the chapters are so short. I've been having some writers block. Anyways, I want feedback so tell me in the comments belowwww. :) bye-bye! Love you!
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