Life was a battlefield before I met you

Caitlin has always been the strongest one of her family until she meets James. He turns her in the wrong direction and hurts her. Caitlin lives with her brother Louis. When Louis decides to go on the X-Factor and brings back four guys, some of them fall head over heals for her but what will Caitlin do when she doesn't want to break her heart again? Read to find out!


1. Nightmare

I was running, running away from him. I turned down an empty street with only the glow of a single lamppost. I stopped and turned around and I saw him. James. He started coming closer but I couldn't run. It wasn't long before his hands were around my neck. "This is for running away!" He whispered in my ear while slicing my neck, "and this is for everything else." he said again while slicing my shoulder. I cried out but no one could hear me. He let go of me and I dropped to the ground. I looked towards my arm and it was dripping a deep red blood. "Good by sweetheart" I could barley hear James say as I was dozing off. Then it all went black.
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