Life was a battlefield before I met you

Caitlin has always been the strongest one of her family until she meets James. He turns her in the wrong direction and hurts her. Caitlin lives with her brother Louis. When Louis decides to go on the X-Factor and brings back four guys, some of them fall head over heals for her but what will Caitlin do when she doesn't want to break her heart again? Read to find out!


2. Morning News

I woke up screaming bloody murder. I was sweating and the sheets were sprawled everywhere. I was starting to calm down but I jumped when my door flew open and my brother Louis came rushing in. "What on earth happened?" He screamed. " I'm fine it was just another dream about him. That's all. " I replied slowly. Louis sighed and said "Caitlin, he will never find you, I promised mum and dad I would protect you. And so far I've done a pretty good job about it too." {FLASHBACK~ I remembered getting that call from mum on that September afternoon saying that the towers fell and dad died. I told Louis and we went down to the basement and he held me tightly trying to comfort me while I cried into his shoulder. Then I remember that day Louis checked me out of school early and we went to the park and he told me about how mom got hit by a drunk driver and didn't make it. And then I flashed back to reality }"I know. Thanks Lou." I replied smiling. "Now that your up, can you make me breakfast?" Louis replied smiling. "Sure. What do you want?" I said laughing. "PANCAKES" he screamed running out the door and down the stairs. I laughed and followed him.

After scrubbing syrup stains I looked for Lou and he was passed out on the couch so I decided to take a shower. The warm water felt good on my body. When I got out I looked at my two scars. They were a coral pink and jagged. The memories started coming back. I quickly pushed them out of my mind and got dressed. I got into my blue jeans and my old volleyball shirt and put my hair up. Since I was home and it was only my brother an I, I can wear my hair up. However, when I'm out and about, it's down. I walked down the stairs and saw that Louis was up watching TV. "Caty! I need to talk to you!" Louis yelled. I came over and sat next to him. "Caty, I'm going to tryout for a singing show called the X-Factor and you are going to stay with Stacy and Bella while I'm gone." I was a little shocked. I knew Lou could sing but I didn't relize it was scerious. "Congrats Lou!! I'm so happy for you!!! I guess I should go pack now." I replied. Louis just laughed and smiled and turned back to the TV. I walked up stairs and started to pack.
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