Life was a battlefield before I met you

Caitlin has always been the strongest one of her family until she meets James. He turns her in the wrong direction and hurts her. Caitlin lives with her brother Louis. When Louis decides to go on the X-Factor and brings back four guys, some of them fall head over heals for her but what will Caitlin do when she doesn't want to break her heart again? Read to find out!


3. Finial Goodbyes

We got to the airport the next day. Louis and I found his plane and said it was going to start boarding in thirty minuits. We sat down and talked about random stuff. " Flight number 286 is now boarding. " said the lady through the intercom. " Well, I guess this is goodby" I said sadly. " Only for a little while Caty. I promise to call you. " Louis replied. We have eachother a big bear hug and he walked toward the gate. " I love you big brother!!" I yelled after him. Louis turned and screamed at the top of his lungs "I love you too little sister!!" I swear everyone in the airport turned around and looked at us with strange facial expresions. I waved until I could no longer see him. "See ya later bro." I said quietly. I turned around and started walking toward the exit waiting for Stacy and Bella to come pick me up. As I was walking my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a txt from Louis, it read •Louis~ On the plans and I miss you already! Luv you! P.S. Don't get into any trouble because I will find out. (: Xx• I just laughed and replied •Caty~ You can't stop me! Haha! Luv you 2 (: Xxx•
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