Love after a heartbreak.

My heart stopped when I Saw Trey kiss Brittney,
Why would be do this to me on my birthday!? He's such a jerk!
I ran out crying I went to the nearest tallest building and went to the very top
I went to the edge.I hesitated for minute then I knew it was time.I got closer and closer then.………


12. Sleepover!!!

KATE'S PRO.......

The cake was so good!
"Where did you get the cake??" I ask
"We'll I used to work at a bakery,and I made cakes so I made a cake for you!" Harry says smiling!
"Awwwww thanks!!!!!!!" I say running torwards him and giving him a hug.
"So do you want to spend the night since its past midnight?" Niall asks them
"Yeah do you!?!??!?" I ask jumping up and down.
"Sure!" They all say together.
"We will all sleep down here and have a movie night!!" I say screaming.
"Yeahhhhhh!" Louis screams
"Wait! I didn't bring my brush!" Zayns says pouting.
Oh my god Zayn I think in my head
"You can use mine." I say laughing
"we are watching 'toy story' just to let everyone know." Liam says Ina serious toneZ
In about 10 mins all the blankets were set up.
"I call sleeping by Kate!!" Niall screams really loud.
"MEEEEE TOOOO!" Louis says running out from the kitchen.
We all get our snacks and get situated.
The movie starts and we all laught at all the parts.
Around 4:00 am everyone was asleep and it was one of the best moments of my life!
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