Love after a heartbreak.

My heart stopped when I Saw Trey kiss Brittney,
Why would be do this to me on my birthday!? He's such a jerk!
I ran out crying I went to the nearest tallest building and went to the very top
I went to the edge.I hesitated for minute then I knew it was time.I got closer and closer then.………


18. Love again

"If its anything you make everything better." I told Kate.
"I love you" I whispered
"I love you too,"I say going in for a kiss.
"We'll babe I should go talk to harry for minute,so make yourself at home.
"Ok babe" she says hugging me.
I hugged her tight for about 5 more minutes.
"I'll let you go" she says walking torward the living rooms.
I slowly made my way to where Harry was.
He was sitting in a corner crying.
He looked up when I walked in the room.
Then he went back to crying. I made my way over to him. I slid down the wall and sat next to him. We didnt talk for about 5 minutes."I'm sorry man,I didn't mean to kiss her at all,I know you love her with all your heart and I would never kiss her on purpose" he says.
"Harry, its alright I know you didn't mean too,I forgive you." I say.
"Thanks" he says quietly.
"I'll leave you alone in here" I say getting up and walking out.
"Thanks bro, I'm truly sorry." He says looking up.
"Dude it's alright" I say closing the door.
I walk out and walk to Kate's bedroom and find her asleep.
I quietly climb onto the bed. She's jut so beautiful when she sleeps.
I grab a piece of her hair and began twirling it. She knows I'm there but she doesn't open her eyes.
She slides over torwards me and we snuggle AND cuddle.
"Your never love your self half first much as I love you,and you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you too,if i let you know oh oh im here for you,maybe your love yourself like i love you.". I start to fall asleep.(DREAM) * I do I hear Kate say.
You are now husband and wife,you may kiss the bride*

(((((((( I know that's not a big dream but I had to do my HW, COMMENT,FAVOURITE,LIKE!! Have a AMAZAYN day! Love you -Macy <3 XX
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