Love after a heartbreak.

My heart stopped when I Saw Trey kiss Brittney,
Why would be do this to me on my birthday!? He's such a jerk!
I ran out crying I went to the nearest tallest building and went to the very top
I went to the edge.I hesitated for minute then I knew it was time.I got closer and closer then.………


3. I felt it.

He had a smile on his face,at that point I knew she was going to be fine.I stood up fast
"I have good news!" He says
"Ok what's it?" I say exited. "She's going to be ok she just broke her wrist and cracked her head open.Buth other than that she will be fine." He says
"Are we aloud to go see her?" I ask "yeah she's in room 435 on level 5" he says pointing in the direction on the elevator. Quickly walk over and press up. I hop in.
"Thank you!" I yell before the door closes.
We get to floor 5 fast and I'm Anchises to see her.
"433,434, ahh here we are 435." Louis says.They let me walk in first.
She looked up from the T.V.."Hi,umm who are you?" She says looking confused.
"We are the ones who brought you here."Harry says
"We'll thank you so much!!!!" She says smiling the bet she could.Shes just so beautiful. I think to myself.
"We'll we will leave you to have some alone time with her." Louis whispers into my ear.
They they all walk out.
"Why would you do that to your self?" I ask almost crying again.
She started crying I walk over and hold her hand.
"I'm sorry I asked.
I say feeling guilty.
KATE'S PRO........................
He walked over and touched my hand.I felt sparks everywhere.
"I'm sorry I asked" he says.
"No it's ok, it's just my boyfriend well my ex-boyfriend now,he was going to take me out for my birthday but when I got there he was kissing another girl so I decide to try to kill myself"
I say holding back the tears."we'll your too beautiful to be dead." He says kissing my hand.
"What's your name again?" I ask him." Oh sorry it's Niall,Niall Horan,and who must you be?" He asked."Kate foster." I say."that's a beautiful name.
"Thanks yours is too!" I say.I started to drift off to sleep and then I felt Niall kiss my cheek.
I knew it was too soon to say it but I did anyway because I felt it.
" I love you" I whisper to him "I love you too." He says kissing my cheek again. I fell asleep thinking of the wonderful kiss I just had planted on my cheek.
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