Love after a heartbreak.

My heart stopped when I Saw Trey kiss Brittney,
Why would be do this to me on my birthday!? He's such a jerk!
I ran out crying I went to the nearest tallest building and went to the very top
I went to the edge.I hesitated for minute then I knew it was time.I got closer and closer then.………


9. Ex-boyfreind and Boyfreind trouble


We kissed for a little longer when the doorbell rings. Naill kept trying ot kiss me and I was laughing."I have to get the door babe." I said. 

"Awww can't we just tell who ever it is to go away?" He said, smilling. I laughed and pushed him off. I walked over to the door and opened it. When I saw who it was, I quickly stopped smiling. 

"Hey Kate." Said my ex-boyfreind, Trey. 

"What are you doing here Trey?" I said, in an angry tone. 

"I came to see if you were all right. You did jump off a building Kate. Of course I'm going to go see if my girlfreind was allright!" He said. Naill walked over to see what was going on.

"Who's this?" Naill asked.

"Who are you?" Trey asked. 

"Trey this is my boyfreind, Naill. Naill this is my ex-boyfreind, Trey." I said.

"What do you mean ex-boyfreind? And you mean to tell me he's your boyfriend?" Trey asked.

"Yes Trey, me and you are breaking up. He is my new boyfreind now, better than you ever where." I said. 

"Oh really? Well let's see how much of a good boyfreind he is when he's dead!" Kyle ran into the house, pushed me, and ran up to Naill puching him.


Trey ran into the house, pushing Kate into the wall, and started punching me. We land on the floor and Trey kept punching me in the face. Kate was screaming at Trey to get off me, she was trying to pull him off of me. Trey tried shacking her off, but she wouldn't stop. Trey then slapped her in the face pretty hard."Did you just hit her?" I said.

"Yeah. What? Are you going to hit me back?" Trey said. I was steaming mad. I could hear Kate crying in the corner. I kicked Trey off me and flew on top of him. I punched him in the fast as hard as I could. I got up off of him when I heard the police sirens. I went over to see if Kate was okay when she screamed.

"Naill look out!" She screamed. I turn around in time too see Trey holding a knife in his hand, running towards me.

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