Love after a heartbreak.

My heart stopped when I Saw Trey kiss Brittney,
Why would be do this to me on my birthday!? He's such a jerk!
I ran out crying I went to the nearest tallest building and went to the very top
I went to the edge.I hesitated for minute then I knew it was time.I got closer and closer then.………


10. Are we safe for sure?


I ducked and he fell over...blood was on the ground and I don't know how. They he started screaming. He rolled over and he stabbed himself in the stomach..
"Oh my god!" She screams I grab my phone AND CALL 911 I Hear the ambulance down the street."I run over to Kate and hold her tight. He sobs into my shoulder.
"Are you ok?" I ask fightened
"Yeah I'm fine,but,but it hurt me to not be able to do anything to help you." She says crying some more.
"I didn't want you to get hurt babe" I say hugging her.
"The medics run in and take him out. Me and Kate just stayed in the corner.
I take her to her bedroom and we lay down and cuddle till she falls asleep.
I walk down stairs to get a sandwich and some Coke I eat fast.
I walk back up stairs and grab my phone and post a picture of Kate sleeping on Instagram.
I get 143 like in 2 minutes,and all the people are saying she's so pretty.
I walk up stairs and lay In bed. I kiss Kate on the cheeks till she wakes up.
I hear a HUGE crash down stairs.
She screams.
"Stay up here babe,I will be back" I say
"No I want to come with you." She says following me.
"No,babe I don't want you getting hurt I say.
"Fine" she says kissing me." Be careful!" He says
"I will!" I say quietly walking down the steps scared to death.

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