I Am Trapped

Carly's hometown of Monroeville is perfect, until the day people begin to disappear. One day she realizes that she is entirely alone.


9. 5th January 2012

Population: 29


I don't understand anything. I can't leave because the town 'won't let me'. I have to prove myself so that I can have everyone back here in this hell-hole. I don't even get what that means! I mean, prove yourself? How the hell in heaven are you supposed to do that?! I guess I have to prove that I am... me I suppose. But I am me. What else am I supposed to do to show that? I wandered around town today, hoping for inspiration and saw the weirdest thing. Gruesome too, it was a cat. A grey cat with white paws that I know to be called Misty, she belongs to our neighbor and they were devastated to discover her as missing when she didn't return home after a week. I saw her today and realised why she didn't turn up at home. She was very unfortunately flopped down over the town boundaries when the giant dome wall appeared. Her body was sliced down the middle; with her head, forelegs and half her back on my side and the rest on the other side. I couldn't believe it. That cat was the best cat that I have ever known in my whole sorry existence. She never went to the toilet on other people's gardens, never aggravated dogs, never tried to eat fish, never hissed or scratched, loved lounging by the pond, loved to be petted and cuddled. Best of all for their depressed son: she sensed emotions and comforted the sad. I couldn't imagine her ever dying, from the moment that the family bought her home, she was full of the joys of life. Seeing her mutilated body showed me that life is just not the way that it should seem.

Although I got a clue as to what the "town" wants me to do! I was staring into the grounds of this ancient abandoned hospital in our town when I spotted a signpost strung up to the rotting oak tree in the garden. It said that whoever trespasses will be told just what they don't want to be told and shown just what they want to be shown. I was dying with interest and bounded into the grounds immediately, just as my phone began to ring with an unknown number. It was the town. It said that I have been warned and hung up. It was so creepy that I decided to leave it. Be back tomorrow.


Population: 17

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