I Am Trapped

Carly's hometown of Monroeville is perfect, until the day people begin to disappear. One day she realizes that she is entirely alone.


5. 30th August 2011

Population: 2900


This morning I asked dad where mum was and he said he had no idea. I asked him if he remembers her disappearing and us looking for her on the 17th, but he says no we did nothing that day. According to him, Sam and Louise mum never existed. I asked Sam how we would have been born if we didn't have a mum, he just did the annoying eighteen year old boy thing and shrugged then walked away to play Xbox games. Argh! Brothers are annoying sometimes! I asked Louise the same question and she did the annoying thirteen year old girl thing and pulled out her phone to text her boyfriend, plug headphones in and completely ignore me. Little sisters are annoying as well! Although she isn't actually that much younger as I'm seventeen so only a few years difference. I asked dad too but he did the dad thing and said "I don't know darling" and went to watch more TV. I think it's a family thing. Or they're avoiding the question. Hmm... much more plausible. I have school soon but it will be strange to see how many people are actually there. Term starts on the 7th September so almost everyone could have disappeared by then. I tried to call one of my best friends who lives in Morganville, which is about an hours drive away, but the crackly phone voice said that the town's communication lines have been disconnected. I tried to text her but the mobile phone signal tower is on the hill outside our town. Just outside the 'wall' I discovered yesterday. Oh. My family are ignoring me, my boyfriend has disappeared and I can't communicate with my best friend. I feel alone. The wall prevents us going anywhere, it surrounds our town like a glass dome and it all feels very claustrophobic.

I am trapped.


Population: 2400

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