I Am Trapped

Carly's hometown of Monroeville is perfect, until the day people begin to disappear. One day she realizes that she is entirely alone.


4. 29th August 2011


Population: 3002


I can't even comprehend the weirdness of the situation. In nine days, nine days, 1531 have disappeared. Gone. Just not here any more. How is that even physically possible? Not that many people have disappeared overall in the last three hundred years of this town!

I tried to run away today. I tried to escape everything. I was running down the road when I suddenly smacked into a wall. A wall that wasn't there. Okay, well obviously it was there, but no one could see it. I could see a faint wibbly-wobbly surface, a bit like heat waves off our garage roof, but no one else could see that. Neither dad, Sam, Louise or the lady next door could see it. This woman did say that the back part of her house was inaccessible. I mean, this 'wall' had appeared in the middle of her house so she couldn't get past it to her kitchen, dining room, master bedroom or bathroom. Weird.

It also seems that only I can remember who has disappeared. Everyone else can remember them only a day later, and then, to them, that person just didn't exist. I was absent-mindedly wandering round the house after dinner, and I noticed that every photograph that we had of mom or granny is blank. They have both vanished from every record we had of them. Even mom's possessions have gone. The old chest that contained her old childhood toys is empty and it looks like it has been empty for years.

How can someone just disappear from a photo? And everyone's minds except mine?


Population: 2975

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