I Am Trapped

Carly's hometown of Monroeville is perfect, until the day people begin to disappear. One day she realizes that she is entirely alone.


7. 25th December 2011

Population: 232


Haven't been writing much because every time I went to write something about the town and now living at home by myself, I cried and couldn't bring myself to write anything. I managed to write a huge paragraph sometime in mid October but I looked out of the window to see the abandoned cars and empty houses down the street and I sobbed my feelings out in the form of a torrent of tears. Unfortunately, the paper got a bit wet and the writing was no longer legible.  Since then, I haven't attempted to write anything; but I'd thought I would give it a go today. It is Christmas after all. Not that I have much to celebrate. Anyway, time for an update! So, I have one friend left (Clara, who doesn't even live in Monroeville), no family at all in this town (unless you count the half-deaf great-aunt who lives three doors away), there is 232 people in the entire town and I am the only one who remembers anyone! It's just... just... crap! At least my Labrador and German Shepherd are still here. Samantha the German Shepherd is curled up on top of my feet and Lola the black Labrador is sprawled across my legs. It's very warm and comforting to know that at least I have something living in the house. I am not counting Louise's hamster who escaped from his cage and has gone to some distant corner of the house. He might've even disappeared too, oh wait, he just darted across my bedroom floor. Apparently he was hiding in the distant corner of my room. So, Christmas; no presents, no decorations, no turkey, no chocolate tin on the coffee table, no champagne, no festive cheer, no one here to celebrate. I just want to disappear with everyone else (wherever the hell they went) so I don't have to put up with this anymore. However, I have a bad feeling I won't. Received an unknown email today saying just three words:


You are trapped.


Population: 197

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