I Am Trapped

Carly's hometown of Monroeville is perfect, until the day people begin to disappear. One day she realizes that she is entirely alone.


8. 1st January 2012

Population: 100


Firstly, Happy New Year! Secondly, still got my dogs :) Which is lucky because there is hardly any people left in this town. Since August, 4460 people have disappeared off the face of the Earth. The dome means I can't go after them, the fact that nobody else remembers these people a day after they disappear, except from me, is just creepy. Beyond creepy. Like, living-in-a-horror-movie-creepy. And now with only 100 people left, I don't really know what will happen any more. I'm scared as to what will happen when I am the only one. It seems that my email really is correct and I am trapped. I replied to the email and we had quite a good conversation. Well, it depends on your definition of good.

Them: You are trapped.

Me: Who are you?

Them: The heart of Monroeville.

Me: You're the town?! That's ludicrous!

Them: Yes, most people find it difficult to believe.

Me: You don't talk to many people do you?

Them: I have talked to every resident of this town. Just no one seems to want to talk back.

Me: How do you know that I am trapped?

Them: I won't allow you to leave.

Me: WHAT!! Why not?!!

Them: I want you to prove yourself.

Me: What does that mean?

Them: Work it out for yourself.

Me: What? What do you mean?!

Me: Hello?


And as quickly as the conversation started, it finished. Nothing else has been said.


Population: 86

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