Kidnapped by One Direction

Clare Loveland is a normal 16 year old girl.But what happens when a normal girl get kidnapp by One Direction.Will she escape,or fall in love with one of her kidnappers.


3. You Can't Kidnapp Me!!!

Clare Pov;

Good job Zayn.I hear a voice say.I turned around to see my kidnappers and I could not believe it .I Clare Loveland was being kidnapp by Zayn Malik and Harry Style .(Clare hate One Direction she hate all boy band )I start to scream for help .HELP ,HELP,HELP ME!!!!!! Zayn puts his hand around my mouth.I bite his hand.He start to scream and he was about to cry.I start to run but Harry got me .You can't kidnapp me.I yelled at him. Baby we just did.


Sorry it to short .I'll try to make it longer.Plz comment and tell me what you want to happen.

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