Kidnapped by One Direction

Clare Loveland is a normal 16 year old girl.But what happens when a normal girl get kidnapp by One Direction.Will she escape,or fall in love with one of her kidnappers.


4. Where am I ?

Clare Pov:

I woke up.I don't know where I am.I was in a small room.It only had a small window and a twin bed.I remember I got kidnapp.But why me,I am poor I live in a small apartment with my older sister.We have to share beds or when she had company I had to sleep in the couch.I need to escape.I try to open the window.I push and push but the window was locked.I started to hear voices behind at the door.They were yelling at each other .They yelled Why did you kidnapp her? Then someone yelled because Harry and I wanted too. So we did.Then I hear some try to open the door.So i decide to jump back on the bed and act like I was asleep.



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