Kidnapped by One Direction

Clare Loveland is a normal 16 year old girl.But what happens when a normal girl get kidnapp by One Direction.Will she escape,or fall in love with one of her kidnappers.


2. Wake up Zayn

                                *Flash Back*


Zayn POV:

Zayn wake up ,wake up I hear Harry say.I woke up to Harry Styles yelling me to wake up!What do you want Harry ? I need to  tell you something very important.Can it wait it two in the morning .NO IT CAN'T WAIT  IT VERY IMPORTANT.What is it mate?I am get really nervous.Harry is walking in circles.He looks sad and mad at the same time.He start to talk and just listen to what he is saying.

Harry Pov:

So you know that I broke up with my girlfriend Emly(Harry ex-girlfried).Yeah and.So I want to the club to meet up with a old friend.And I saw Perrie making out with this guy.I so sorry Zayn.


Zayn Pov:

What ? You saw Perrie cheat on me.Why me?Are you sure Harry.Yes I 'm sure.I fell to the floor and start to cry.Harry comes and hugs me ."It going to be ok "he tells me. I hear all the boys coming in and asking why i was cying.Harry tells them what happen and they all come and hug me.We all talk for a while and they all want back to sleep.And so did I .I woke up at 12 pm .I say my phone it had ten miss calles from Perrie and one message. It said

To:Zayn <3

I love you.I so so so  sorry.I was drunk.It will never happen again.Please forgive me I love yo so much.Plz give me one more chance.


I throw me phone to the wall.I got dress ,brushed my teeth and want downstair.I saw Harry seating in the couch alone.He was so different after Emily broke up. with him.So I decide to seat in the couch with him.We start to talk .He told me that we should kidnapp a girl and have fun with her.(If you know what I mean.)I told him it was not a bad idea.I got me jacket and Harry got his in we got in the black van.And start to look for the best victim.

                                  *End Of Flash Back*

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