Kidnapped by One Direction

Clare Loveland is a normal 16 year old girl.But what happens when a normal girl get kidnapp by One Direction.Will she escape,or fall in love with one of her kidnappers.


5. Are you ok?

Niall Pov:

So Liam ,Louis and I just came back from the studio.Harry and Zayn are beinng too weird.They don't talk they goes text,laugh, text, and laugh.Louis was trying to find out what they were texing about .I just sat in the couch and got on twitter and started to talk to some of my friends.


Louis Pov:

Today when Liam and Niall and I came from the studio.Zayn and Harry are being weird.They were laughing then texing then lauging.I wanted to laugh too.I tryed sneak and read their phone about they hide their phones from me.I try to take Harry phone but he punch me.ME HIS BEST FREIND AND HIS FUTURE BEST MAN.What the F*** Harry.Why did you punch me?Sorry Sorry it was my reflex that all he could say.I was so mad but I did not want to fight with him not today.It ok mate,but if you hit me again I'll will kill you Harry.Ok mate.I ran to the kitchen made some popcorn got some Pepsi and ran upstair to my room.

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