A normal teenager named MaKenzie (everyone calls her Kenzie) works at iHop. When Justin Bieber comes for his favorite breakfast and she ends up being his waitress, they fall in love, but with the paparazzi ruining their relationship and Justin's BELIEVE tour just begining, will it tear them apart, or make them stronger?


1. Miracle

Justin's POV

I jumped out of my car to get some iHop, I haven't had it in forever!

It might take my mind of of Selena dumping me, too.

I can't believe she told me never to talk to her again and that she would never show up to anything of mine (concerts, interviews, awards etc.) ever again. Just because I was hanging out with Nick! I mean, we were just playing a manly game of Ping Pong!

But whatever, let's get off of that subject.

I got out of the car and walked into iHops and the table lady showed me my seat.

A couple minutes later I heard a soft voice, I looked up from my menu and a waitress was standing there.

Wow, I was amazed, she was so amazing!

She has bluish greenish eyes, with a mix of gray. Long dark blond hair that was almost brown, perfectly tanned (you could tell it was natural), she has a perfect smile, with bright white teath, she was sortove petite, but about 5 inch. taller then petite I would say, she has tiny feet with purple converse on.

"Hello, may I take you order?" I think she had said it a couple times, because she sounds like she was getting impatient, but she still had that smile on her face.

I shook my head and blinked, "Oh yeah sorry, stuck in a day dream. May I ask you something?" I asked.

"Yea?" She replied.

"Can you sit and eat with me?" I asked, gosh that sounded SOO lame!

"Uhm, how about I take your order and come back in 5 minutes, thats when my shift ends?" She asked, she was lightly blushing.

"Sure, i'll be here." I said.

"Whats your order?" She asked.

"Chocolate Chip Pancakes!" I replied with hopefully a cheeky smile, "Oh and get yourself something." I said.

She tried to argue about that but I forced her into it because the man has to buy the lady something.


Maybe she'll be my Miracle?


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