A normal teenager named MaKenzie (everyone calls her Kenzie) works at iHop. When Justin Bieber comes for his favorite breakfast and she ends up being his waitress, they fall in love, but with the paparazzi ruining their relationship and Justin's BELIEVE tour just begining, will it tear them apart, or make them stronger?


2. Breakfast

Makenzies POV-

I went in the back and wrote down my order. He like chocolate pancakes like me. I felt like today was gonna be a good day, i'm getting off of work and going to give Justin Bieber company. I got his order when it was ready and brought are food out.

He saw me and a big smile swooped over his face.

"Thank you ma'am," He said with a wink. "So how was work?" He asked.

I swear i thought we've known eachother forever. "It was good i guess im tired haha." I said.

He laughed. "Yeah, i know it's gotta be tough working all day," He said looking at me.

I blushed and looked away the thought of me and Justin Bieber sitting at the same table talking was a dream, i mean no i wasn't the biggest fan but i did like him as a person and he was very gorgeous and sweet. I gave him a look and he smiled.

"What's that face for?" He asked laughing.

I laughed "Umm... your just so sweet and i never thought i would be sitting here wth you."

Justin looked at me with big eyes. "Are you kidding me your beautiful, i wouldn't just let you walk away and plus i didn't wanna be alone" He said.

I laughed "Well you got me here," I said.

He smiled a cheeky smile "Yes i do, and let's keep it that way."

I smiled then said , "Will you just eat," And pointed at his food he looked down at mine and said "You eat too."

I laughed and started eating. When he was done which was faster then anything he looked up at me and laughed my plate was only half empty and his was empty.

I laughed and said "Im sorry, i am taking forever haha you don't have to wait up." He laughed really loud and looked at me, "Are you kidding me, i will wait till your done i'm patient enough."

I finished in 5 more minutes and i took the dishes and he grabbed his and said " I can take my own dish."

I looked and laughed "Okay, fine take your own plate i was just trying to be nice." I said sticking my tounge out. 

I put my plate in the sink and Justin did the same. He looked at me and asked " You know the worst thing about this day?"

  "What?" I asked.

He laughed and said "I never asked your name, throughout the whole time of us together I feel like an idiot."

I looked at him and said "Mackenzie, my name's Mackenzie"

He smiled "That is a beautiful name."

It was silent for a couple of minutes then he said "So how are you getting home?"

I looked at him embarrassed to say what i was gonna say next. "The city bus it usually comes all the time.

He didn't even hesitate and asked "You mind if i drive you home?"

I said "No, not at all."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the cash register. I pulled out my wallet and he said "No, i'll pay your my miracle for tonight."

I tried thinking of why he said i was his miracle but nothing came to me. He still had my hand as he pulled me out the door holding it open and to his car. His car was a black Lambourgini and it was very shiny.

I laughed and said "Someone like me should not be driving in a beautiful car like this.

"Without hesitation he said " I thought the same thing when i got it."

He opened my car door, closed it then got in the drivers seat. I told him where to go. It was a quiet drive but when we pulled up he handed me his iPhone 5 and told me to put my number and name in the phone. I took it went to his contacts and put my contact in. Then I got my iPhone out and handed it to him i told him to add his number. He laughed and took the phone we then switched are phones back i got ready to get out and he turned my head, pushed behind my ear and kissed me. After the 2 minute kiss he smiled and said "You really are my miracle."


By; thebieberlover721

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