Only Exception

Grace is a usual teenager. She's found herself a babysitting job at the Heather's household. She hates it. Everything about it. But she can't help herself go back every time and she doesn't quite know why.


2. Outside

Never again. Never. I slammed the door hard behind me. The wind blew bitterly against my face so my hair blew backwards. It started to rain heavily and I had to walk, I checked my phone, 11:30 pm. I was late, mum and dad were going to kill me. I prmised them I'd be back by eleven, oh well thirty minutes wasn't so bad, plus it wasn't my fault! The stupid parents approacts decided to come in drunk. I was approaching my street now, the streetlights just about made it visible to see. It was silent, so silent you could hear a pin drop, which is unusual as there's always something going on in our street. The only sound was a cat, meowing at somebody's door. I crossed the road and kept my distance from number 16, apparently it's haunted. I shivered walking past it, even on the other side of the road, which is stupid really as I'm not scared of ghosts. I quickened my walk as I came to my house, it stood tall and hidden behind the curtains of ivy showering it. I tried to open the door but it was locked, I knocked several times. They must be asleep. I hunted for the key under the plantpot in the small ammount of light, just as I thought I'd got it, the nearest streetlights turned themselves off, "Are you serious?" I said to no one. I hammered on the door again, no use. Maybe I'd sleep out here, as if. The rain had softened a little so it wasn't as bad as it could of been. I remembered my phone, I clicked it on and used the screenlight to find the key. After ten minutes I eventually found the key, "Finally!" I whispered. I gripped the key and struggled to find the lock, once I did I twisted the key and heard the little clicking noise. I walked in, soaked. I checked my phone, it was Mrs. Heather, 'Grace......,.,.,, Babysit again for me?;.;;.;;...' She used awful grammer, obviously drunk. No way would I babysit again. I'd had enough today. I threw my phone down on the stairs and went upstairs. Goodnight.

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