Only Exception

Grace is a usual teenager. She's found herself a babysitting job at the Heather's household. She hates it. Everything about it. But she can't help herself go back every time and she doesn't quite know why.


1. Willtree House

Today was extremely cold. The wind was bitter against my face as I walked. It was so damn cold and it still hadn’t snowed. I hated December and everything about it, I was just waiting for Christmas to be honest. And New Years eve, I loved making resolutions even though I never kept them; like last year I promised not to eat chocolate for at least two months. I failed, within the first day in fact. I also love making Christmas lists, I put anything on there, like things I’ll never even get. Most of my things have something to do with art. I carried on walking and squinted my eyes as the wind blew in them, my eyes watered, great, my mascara will smudge and I’ll have panda eyes. The sky above me suddenly thundered and rain splattered everywhere. I started to run, the streetlights my only light to see. Luckily my hair was tied back so it wouldn’t so wet and disgusting. I checked the note in my hand, Willtree house. This was it wasn’t it? I started at the gate which had a sign: Willtree house. I stood there in the pouring rain expecting the sign to change, but it didn’t. I took a deep breath and opened the gate in front of me. I made my way up the little path, the house was large but not a mansion. A light was on inside and I could see a woman shaped figure running round in there. The house had lamps outside so I could see where I was placing my feet. The garden was amazingly neat, the grass was a wonderful shade of green and there were red roses growing all around. I pressed the doorbell which was placed on the green door, within a few seconds a lady answered, “Great you’re here!” she waved her hands around obviously in a rush, “Let’s go!” she pushed past me and ran outside screaming as the water splashed her hair. About ten seconds later a man who must have been her husband came out, “So you’ll be okay with all four children? Good, take anything you need from the fridge. Scarlett’s bedtime is nine oclock, Mia’s ten, Ben’s is at ten and Isla is at nine,” it was a lot of information to take in. He pushed past me, “I’m coming honey!” he yelled at his wife who was screaming for him to unlock the car. I stepped into the Heather’s house and got ready for what would lie ahead of me.

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