Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


19. Thinking of her

Harrys POV


I dropped Ava off at school and headed back to the hotel. My phone buzzed and I looked at my text.

Nialler: Can you pick up nandos?? Please i'll love you forever!!

Oh god niall loved nandos more than anything. I ran through the drive threw and ordered us food. I hopped out of my rover and walked into the hotel. When I got to my room the first thing I got was a smiling niall. "I smell chicken!" I held the bag up for him and he squealed like a teenage girl. "Wow fangirl much?" I asked rolling my eyes teasingly at him. He shoved me and walked into the kitchen. I got out my food and we ate in silence.

Niall finished and threw his trash away. "So hazz wanna do a live stream?" "Sure I'll post the link on twitter I opened up my phone.

Me and Niall are doing a livestream in 5 make sure to watch I added the link then got up and threw my stuff away as well. Niall was sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap he logged on and we started gaining viewers. We said hi and started talking about are lives. We were doing a concert that weekend then just chilling here for a while. As Niall talked I started reading the comments at the bottom.

"Wheres Harrys whore?"

"Didn't the slut wanna steal Nialler away from us too.?"

"Guess she was just a one night stand.. more hazza for me (;"

All the comments were awful and they were all about Ava. I could feel my face getting red. I clamped my hand over Nialls mouth to stop him from rambling on about whatever useless babble he had been discussing with them. "Ok really guys? I love yall your the reason were where we are but that's just mean. I love "that slut" she happens to be very sweet and not slutty at all. Her name is Avalyn Chaplin and she means the world to me. So if yall could please leave those comments off." Niall looked at me funny then smiled. I started reading the comments again.

"Sorry Hazz."

"Yall are so cute, I love you."

"I love you glad your happy."

I loved them too they were the reason we ever accomplished anything.


A.N. Okay so I have cheer for like 5 hours tomorrow and I also had it for 5 on Monday and today. I hurt like fuck.! Oh whale... its worth it. ALSO OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO FUCKIN HAPPY!!!!! WANNA KNOW Y?? HELL YAH U DO..!!!! iTS CAUSE I GET TO GO SEE MY BABIES ON SUNDAY.! >.<

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