Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


8. Second date


Avas POV

I walk into my room and take off my work clothes. I had about two hours till Harry got here. I pulled my phone out of my big hot pink and black zebra stripped bag.

"Hey Haz dinner tonight fancy or casual."

"Fancy. Pick you up at 8. xx Hazza." I loved how he replied almost immediatly.

I walk across the hall into the bathroom naked because there was never anybody around since Vicky had broken up with Conner. Just Vick downstairs watching something on the news. I turn on the water and wash my long hair that reached halfway down my back. I planned on wearing a short dress so of course I had to shave my legs. I hadn't shaved my legs in a while since it was early winter. I got out of the shower and dryed myself off then walked into my room. I threw my towel on the bed and walk into my closet. I put on my cream colored underwear with the little purple flowers and the matching bra. I start looking trough my clothes and picked out my pink sparkly dress that came right above my knees. It was spagetti strap so I also had to get a jacket. I pick out my black leather one and threw it all on my bed. I walk over to my vanity and plug in my dryer. I dry and brush my hair for what seems like forever. Thats why I hated drying my hair it has fine but I had alot and it took 20 minuted to dry. I strighten it and put anti-friz spray in. If I didnt as sooon as I walked out side it would poof back up. I shake out my hair in front of the mirror then go to get my makeup bag from the bathroom. "Ava!" I hear Vick call from downstairs. I run down the hall and look over the railing into the living room down stairs. "What!?!?" "Hey don't get pissy with me just telling you you have 30 minutes. "I look at the clock behind me. "Ah! Shit!" I can hear her laugh as I run into the bathroom. I grab my makeup and go back into my room. I open up my bag and put on some mascara and a little eyeliner on the bottom. I liked a little eye makeup it made my blue eyes seem bigger. I put on some gray and white eyeshadow then blended it in. I never wore alot of makeup usually just some clear lipgloss and a little mascara. But I rarely got to dress up and I enjoyed it so I didnt mind the little extra effort. I put on my dress and jacket then slid on my black wedges. I look at my reflection in the mirror, the short dress showed off my legs and the heels made me look tall. I take out my keys my phone and my wallet out of my big and but then into a little black soarkly handbag. I hear a car pull up. "Ahh! Ava Harrys here." I could tell she was excited why would she be excited, oh yeah thats right im going out with someone from the most popular boy band in the world. "Calm Victoria, calm." I hear her from downstairs calming her self. The doorbell rings through the house. "Vick can you get that open." I look in my makeup bag for my ice princess pimk lipgloss. "Ah! What do I do?" She screams from down satirs. "Open the door." I say laughing. I hear Harry say something then Vicky screams again. I put a little lipgloss on then slide it in my little handbag.

Harrys POV

I pull into the lot outside her apartments I ring on the doorbell and can hear girls shouting and screaming but not in an angry way. After the shouting is done a girl opens the door. She was kinda cute. She had straight brown hair and pretty hazel eyes. Her mouth drops when she sees me. "Hi im Harry umm..." "AHHH! the girl screams really loud. She then blushes and mumbles "sorry." "It's alright love is Ava here. "Yeah she will be done in just a minute. Just then I see Ava walk down the stairs. "Wow, you look hot."  I know it probably wasn't the most gentalmen thing to do but it was true. The dress made her legs look long even though she was tiny. She had really nice legs. And I could tell that from the sportsbra I could see through her shirt yesterday and the dress she had on now hot pink was definatly her favorite color. She blushed really deep, ecspecially when I hugged her. She introduces me to the girl who answered the door. Her name was Victoria. "Bye Vick." Ava says as i take her hand. "Be home by twelve." Victoria winks at Ava as we head out the door.



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