Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


9. Paparazzi

Harrys POV

We pull up to 'Il mio amore bello' my favorite italian reastraunt. "Oh shit of course." I mumble. As I park I see paparazzi swarming the front door of the reastraunt. I go around the car and open Avas door. I take her hand as she steps out. "Would you mind posing for some pictures." "No  I want good pictures of us to be all over magazines instead of ones like this" She turns her head so her beautiful blue eyes are looking into mine as we walk towards the door. She makes a face that I had made when pap took a shot of me outside are hotel getting the mail in nothing but my calvin klein boxers. "Haha whatever you know you wish you could see me in those boxers." "Haha, Yeah I do." She winks at me and smiles. We laugh as the paparazzi start taking pics. She intertwines her fingers with mine and we stop so they can take some pictures then I slide my hand around her waist and escort her inside. We walk in and I give the hostess my name for the reservations. "Name?" she says withoou looking up. "Styles." She raises an eyebrow then looks up. For the first time I saw that she was about 17. Great... "AHHH! Oh my god Harry Styles! I LOVE YOU! AHHH!" The girl starts going into histaria. About ten of the girls in the reastraunt run up to me and start having those little fangirl moments. The hostess looks up at me. "Sorry.. Im just a big fan I didnt mean to draw all the attention." I rub the back of my neck. Why could I never have a normal date. "Um... No love its ok im actually on a date though so im not gonna sign anything or take any pictures. I would just like my table if you don't mind." "Five minutes." She looked a little disappionted but smiled anyway. "Exscuse me girls." I say turning to the the fans around me. "No pictures today." I push through politely and walk back over to Ava. "You didn't have to do that." "Do what?" "Blow off those fans." "Hey were on a date, just you and me." "I just don't want your fans to hate me anAH! I crash my lips into and kiss her lightly. She pushes me away gently. I bite my lip and look at the ground. She lifts my chin up so  have to look at her. She smiles at me and wraps her arms around my neck. She stands on her tiptoes because even though she has on heels she is still a good 8 inches shorter. I can feel her warm body against my stomach I just want to pull her up around my waist and kiss her but I knew paul would not approve of that kind of behavior in a reastraunt plus she didn't kiss me back. I can feel her breathing gently near my ear and my heart starts beating super fast im sure she can feel it. She giggles gently. "Why so nervous Haz?" Great she could feel it. "Look. You know I would kiss you so hard right now but not in public." "Oh so I turn you on." She laughes and plays with the curls at the back of my neck. "Mhm." "Your beautiful." I mumble into her soft blonde hair. She smiles and kisses me gently on the cheek. She removes her hands from my neck and gets off her tiptoes. I smile and take both hands. She intertwines her fingers with mine. She is facing me and smiling. She was so georgous and sweet. She had me wrapped around her finger everytime she laughed or even smiled. "Styles." I let go of one of her hands so we could walk to the table.



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