Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


5. Niall

Avas POV

"So girlfriend...?" You ask as we walk out to the parking lot to get in Harrys car. "I guess I mean we havent even been on a date yet." "Tell you what if we have a good date then you can call you mine." Harry smiles so you can see his dimple appear. He opens his car door and you get in. On the way to his house Change my mind comes on the radio. "But baby if you say you want me to stay I'll change my mind" Harry starts singing really bad and out of tune. You try not to laugh but he sings even worse you can't help but giggle. Harry turns and smiles then continues singing in probably the worst voice you had ever heard. By the end of the song Harry pulls up to his hotel and your laughing so hard your practically crying. "Come on love." Harry says opening your door for you. "Thanks Hazza." You say jumping out. He pulls you through the paparazzi (sorry my spelling sucks).

"Harry is this your girlfriend?"

"Have you two been dating long?''

People are shoving cameras in your face and light are flashing. You feel Harry grab your hand and he hurrys you inside. When you get out of the elevator Harry walks up to the door and knocks. "Coming." You hear someone call from inside. "Ahhh! Haz no im not meeting people." You run down the hall to to a room with a vending machine and ice machine. You peek around the corner and see someone talking to Harry in front of his room. Harry says something to the blonde boy then starts your way.

Harrys POV 

"Come a step closer and you will have ice down your pants." Ava is standing by the ice machine with her fist full of ice. "Promise?" You step closer. She throws ice at you and wets your shirt. She turns around to get more ice and you grab her by the waist lifting her up. "NO!" she screams flinging more ice at your face. "Nope your mine." "Please! Harry put me down. Im not meeting anyone dressed like this " " I think you look hot" I say shifting her so my hand is under your bum. I carry her inside and throw her on the couch. I positions himself in front of her. "Niall come in here i want you to meet someone!" "No!" She yells. You can tell she is about to get up so you sit on her lap. Niall walks into the room. He is eating nandos, of course. "Hello." He says his mouth full of chicken. "Hi. I would introduce myself if Harry would get off of me. "No." You say pouting a little. "your comfy." I wiggle around on her lap. She pushes me off and gets up and introduces herself to Niall. Nialls tells us the other boys are out shopping. We decide to play twister. Me nor Niall wanted to play but then Ava gave us the pouty face and we caved. So now thanks to her cute face I was basically doing doggie style on Niall. When we had first got in this posion she had laughed so hard she fell over. Eventually I gave up. "YES!!! I WIN!" Niall runs around the living room doing a victory dance. He jumps on the couch then jumps into my arms. He kisses my cheek and I drop him. "Ow..." He says holding his bum. Ava is sitting on the couch smiling. "Aww... Babe is someone jealous Niall got to kiss me. I lean over her and she wraps her arms around my neck. "Nope." She says pulling me closer she kisses my lips lightly. I can feel her smile against my lips. I kiss her with more passion than she had. "EWWWW! Get a room." Niall says trying to immitate a snobby teenager. I start laughing breaking are kiss. I get out a blanket and sit under it with her. I wrap my arm around her and she leans her head back into my shoulder. Niall puts in Love Actually then sits on the other side of the couch. Half way through the movie I get up and put some popcorm in the microwave. Im waiting for the kernels to stop popping when I hear the boys come down the hall. They drop there bags on  the desk. "Hey haz." Liam says. "Hey Harry whos the hot girl sitting on the couch with Niall. "Oh Ava shes mine." "Yours?" Louis ask. "Yep." I take the popcorn out of the microwave and go sit back down on the couch. Ava wraps her arms around my waist and I kiss her head.


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