Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


14. Love

Avas POV

I closed the door and dropped my bag on the hall table. I looked in the mirror, my ponnitail had fallen halfway out and my makeup was smeared. "Great.." I mumbled. "Vicky!" "In the kitchen." I walked into the kitchen and Ava was sitting on the counter looking at her laptop. "What are you doing?" "Looking at twitter, you know theres alot of stuff about you and Harry." "Oh, really?" "Yeah but its not all nice." "What do you mean?" She turned the laptop towards me I started scrolling through. There was many pictures of me and Harry on are date. Outside the reastraunt, pulling up  to his hotel. Those weren't bad. But then there was ones of me in my dress. My spaghetti strap knee high sparkly dress making out with Harry in the middle of the hotel lobby. To make it worse there was alot of captions and comments. "What a slut." "Harry and his new toy." "Harry should go out with me instead of this whore." Then there was me leaving with him looking just as bad as I did now. There was still more awful comments. "They had sex." "She fucked him on there first date." "Harrys one night stand."Ava.." Vicky wrapped her arm around my shoulder. I started crying Vicky pulling me closer she closes her computer and sets it behind her. ''Vicky I don't know if I can take this. You know I have low self asteam ever since Brandon." "Brandon was a jerk don't think about what he said. "I ry into her chest, Vicky holding me stroking her fingers through my hair. "Come on Avie go to bed." she jumps off the counter and takes both my hands pulling me down. "Night." I hugged her quickly then slowly went up the stairs. I still had on harrys clothes. I took off the sweatshirt but kept on the shirt and boxers. I didn't wanna sleep with a shirt on but it smelt like him. I didn't know if I would be able to see him again if it was gonna be like this. I took out my hair and brushed it out. It was wavy again from brushing it. I layed in bed and pulled my feather duvet up to my neck. I put over again on repeat. I fell asleep crying.

*The next morning*

Harrys POV

I decided to suprise Ava so I rode to her and Victorias apartment. I knocked on the door and heard pans dropping on the floor. Victoria opened the door. All she was wearing was shorts and a sports bra. Her face blushed deep red. "Umm Im sorry.." I made sure to look straight as her face when I talked. "Uh no its fun I shouldn't answer the door like this........ Ummm come in." She held the door open. "Come in. Im making breakfast do you want any?" "No thanks but is Ava here." "Yeah she is upstairs. She pointed down the hall to s flight of stairs. "Thanks." She took the first doorway. As soon as I walked in the door and I saw asmall table with a mirror above it. Avas bag sat that she had last night sat on it. As I walked down the hall there was two dorrways on the right one leading into the kitchen and one leading to the livingroom. I walked up the stairs. There was two rooms one door was open. The bed was made so I guessed that was Victorias. The other door was shut. I knocked lightly and nobody answered. I pushed the door open. Ava was under her duvet. I walked closer she was snoring lightly her chest moving up and down slowly. She looked so small on  her big bed. I sat down on the bed. She had some headphones in. I took them out and held one up to my ear. She had been listening to one of are songs. I put her phone on her bedside table. I propped a pillow up against the head board next to her. I leaned back stretching my legs out over her blanket. She had red streaks down her face and under her eyes were swollen. Her long lashes covering them partly. I stroked her hair. Had she been crying? "Love, wakeup." She rolled over her face pressing into my thigh. I scooted down so her head was on my shoulder instead. I wrapped my arm around her. In her sleep she wrapped her arms around my waist moving her head onto my chest. I noticed she still had on my shirt. My sweatshirt was on the closet door.

Avas POV

I realized I was laying on someones chest. Harry was rubbing my hair gently. I decided to pretend I was asleep for a while longer. I didn't want to tell him I couldn't see him anymore. I really liked him but I couldn't take seeing all those things people said. I layed on him listening to his heart beat. Harry quite running his fingers through my hair and he slowly wrapped his arms around me. "Beautiful, come on its past lunch time." I flutterded my eyes pretending to wakeup. I looked up at him, his green eyes shining. "Hi Hary." "Hello georgous. Sleep well?" I nodded a tears forming in my eyes. He looked concerned. "Babe whats wrong?" He was so sweet. "I..Harry the twitts I just....I can't. "Hey no look at me. Forget what they say younare good enough. It dosen't matter look i saw it theres nothig I can do about it. I saw what they said. I know it hurts but stay strong." A tear rolled down my cheek. He leaned in and kissed it away. He held me in his arms. "If only I could kiss away all the bad things they said."


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